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Saturday July 7th - Harding Hustle

    Hello,   We need volunteers to help provide communications on Saturday July 7th for a trail run in the Santa Ana Mountains. Volunteers will need to be
Jun 15, 2012

Angeles Crest Highway

Howdy to all. I first want to let you all know that the Angeles Crest highway is now open from Vincent Gap to Islip Saddle. We were doing testing of our
May 24, 2009

Angeles NF fire 600 acres 15% contained?

The local news stations mentioned the fire but weren't specific as to where it is. Does anybody know where it is located and how it might affect the race?
Sep 3, 2007

Race results

If you would like to have the finish results e-mailed to you after the event, please let me know your e-mail address. Andy Morehead
Sep 8, 2005

more training runs

Just still want know if there may be more AC training runs in late August or over the Labor Day weekend? Melody in Flagstaff, AZ
Jul 2, 2003

More training runs

Now that Tom lives in the Midwest (so sorry) will there be any takers in organizing an AC training weekend over the Labor Day weekend
Jun 24, 2003

Upgrade for KPC 9612

This is Scott KE6EMI from Mt Hillyer. I just found out that Kantronics no longer has the upgrades to 8.2 firmware for the straight 9612 (not the plus). Has
smckeown1962 <scott@...>
Feb 8, 2003

AC100 Entrants

Anyone wanting information on entrants please send request to ajmorehead@...
andy8950 <ajmorehead@...>
Jan 27, 2003

The 2002 Race Is Canceled !!

Subject: AC100 has been canceled for this year Date: Fri, 6 Sep 2002 15:45 Mr. Don Cosby the Los Angeles River District Ranger has sent the word to us today
John Minger
Sep 8, 2002

AC logistics

I would not worry about water, if you find any on the course it is easily avoided. As for drop bags, besides this being personal preference I would select the
Howard Cohen
Jul 18, 2001

Water and work

Hello all, I am getting ready to send in my application for this year's race....hoping it will get accepted before they close the field. Can anyone tell me
Jul 17, 2001

Ken Hamada's Mail

Hi, I received a note from Ken Hamada, Race Director, saying he may have lost a lot of e-mail intended for him in the last few months. He has remedied the
John Minger
Jun 14, 2001

Confused??? Is the AC100 already FULL?

I'm a little confused? I sent off my application in the first week of Feb. and I just got everything sent back to me with no note or message - check and all.
Feb 15, 2001

Re: applications . . .

Missy, Does your printer cartridge have ink in it? If so, can you print other web pages? Can you print from any other programs? For example (assuming you're
Bob Runyan
Jan 19, 2001

applications . . .

I tried to print out the apps from my browser - saw em - pressed the print command - but the printer just prints blank pages ????? Not too computer savvy - is
Michaela Missy Heeb
Jan 19, 2001
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