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[absintelagent] AIA News & Urgent Call

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  • gadomski_a@casaccia.enea.it
    AIA NEWS ======== We have 4 information for members of the absintelagent list. ================================================================== 1. The list
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 3, 1999
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      AIA NEWS
      We have 4 information for members of the absintelagent list.

      1. The list has 174 members, it could be enough for interesting

      2. We have many new formal possibilities, see:

      3. I would like to inform you that
      from the perspective of an abstract intelligent agent concept
      The Principia Cybernetica Project is very interesting

      4.Very URGENT CALL !!!
      We are looking for a partner from EU (not from Italy), for the FET
      Open project in frame of 5th Framework EU Program ( the
      Assessment Proposal
      for 1 year).

      Development of preliminary theoretetical foundations and a
      demo of an abstract intelligent agent for multipurpose Intelligent
      Decision Support Systems.

      We need: project manager with experience in
      agent-based platform application/development and
      with other EU projects

      We have: a draft of the proposal and other partners

      SEND EMAIL directly to A.M.Gadomski : gadomski_a@...

      Requested: your home pages address and/or some CV information.


      P.S. Fragments of the Call V.2.1 FET Open actions [Call part
      identifier: IST-99-1-2A]:

      The open domain in future and emerging technologies,  FET Open, is
      intended for any ideas relevant to information society technologies
      which could lead to major advances or breakthroughs.
      These ideas should be bold and innovative involving high risk, or
      should require substantially longer term research before coming to
      Short term, low risk research, or basic research with little prospect
      of impact should not be submitted to FET Open.
      Work that specifically addresses the objectives of an action within an
      IST key action should be addressed to that key action, not to FET Open.
      FET has specifically developed further explanatory information
      concerning its part of the IST Programme, which can be consulted at
      In FET Open actions, funding is available for Assessment projects or
      “normal”  shared-cost RTD projects.

      - Only about 5 pages of the proposal description is requested (Part B).
      - About 10 Lines of every CV,
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