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Fwd: Join "How to Create A Mind..." 2-day Event (Jan 3 & 4 in Silicon Valley)

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    Hi, ..for your curiosity, this e-mail relates partially to the essence of my point of view too. - About 25 years ago I have started from the general systemics
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      ..for your curiosity,
      this e-mail relates partially to the essence of my point of view too.
      - About 25 years  ago  I have started from the general systemics assumption:
      "if  our tasks and risks  exceed certain level of complexity (what, I think, is just observed on the h. world) then we have to develop and use new more powerful tools"
      And .... the TOGA meta-theory is the consequence.




      From: "KurzweilAINetwork, Inc." <KurzweilAINetwork_Inc@...>
      Subject: Join Peter & Ray for an Exclusive 2-day Event (Jan 3 & 4 in Silicon Valley)
      Date: Mon, 19 Nov 2012 22:07:47 +0000

      We are excited to invite you to join us (Ray & Peter) for two days on the subject of "Abundance Thinking & This event will take place on January 3rd & 4th in Silicon Valley (Mountain View, CA).

      Consider starting 2013 with us to learn about world-changing, rock-solid content coming from our books: (i) How To Create A Mind, (ii) The Singularity Is Near, (iii) Fantastic Voyage, (iv) Abundance & (v) BOLD (the title of Peter’s next book).

      The program will cover the following content:
      1. Abundance Thinking
      2. Crowd Sourcing Genius
      3. Exponential Organization Tools (Crowdfunding, sourcing, co-creation, data competitions, etc.)
      4. How to Create a Mind -- Implications on Artificial Intelligence
      5. How to Live Long Enough to Live Forever
      During two intense days of presentations and discussions, we will be filming all the content in front of a live audience (you!) for post-production into a powerful online video series. You'll participate fully, hang out with us for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and have many opportunities to connect with both of us to get your questions answered about how this all applies to your business, industry and future.

      We're limiting participation to a few dozen participants to make sure we have a lot of one-on-one conversations (many of the seats are already filled). So, if you're interested, you can get the details and sign up here: www.getabundance.com/summit

      This is not a fancy page. It's just set up for you to quickly "get" what this is all about and sign up if you are interested. We can guarantee an amazing 48 hours of conversation and value.  Looking forward to starting the new year together.


      Peter & Ray
      Peter H. Diamandis, MD -- Chairman/CEO, X PRIZE Foundation; Executive Chairman of Singularity University
      Ray Kurzweil – CEO, KurzweilAI, Chancellor, Singularity University
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      KurzweilAINetwork, Inc. 733 Turnpike Street Suite 193 North Andover, Massachusetts 01845 US

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