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Fwd: WI-IAT07 Call for Participation

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  • lap-top-amgadomski
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 16, 2007
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      >[Apologies if you receive this more than once]
      >IEEE/WIC/ACM International Conference on Web Intelligence (WI'07)
      >IEEE/WIC/ACM International Conference on Intelligent Agent Technology (IAT'07)
      >November 2-5, 2007
      >Fremont Marriott Hotel, Silicon Valley, USA
      >Sponsored and Organized by
      >IEEE Computer Society
      >Web Intelligence Consortium (WIC)
      >Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)
      >================= HIGHLIGHTS =========================
      > WI'07/IAT'07/BIBM'07/GrC'07 Joint Keynote by Prof. Richard M. Karp
      > 5 WI'07 and IAT'07 Joint Keynotes by
      > Dr. Anant Jhingran, VP and CTO of IBM Silicon Valley Lab.,
      > Prof. Dieter Fensel,
      > Prof. Toyoaki Nishida,
      > Prof. Yoav Shoham,
      > Prof. Eugene Santos Jr.
      > 5 WI Industry Keynotes
      > 1 WIC Feature Talk
      > 8 Tutorials
      > 13 WI-IAT Workshops
      > Presentations of Accepted Research Track Papers.
      >The research track papers were selected from 545 submissions received
      >from over 50 countries and regions.
      >All main conference and workshop proceedings will be published in the
      >conference proceedings by the IEEE Computer Society Press, indexed by EI.
      >!!! Advance Registration by Oct 1, 2007 !!!
      >On-line registration (and more information) at
      >Regular registration covers all the events of WI-IAT'07 during the
      >four conference days including keynotes, tutorials, accepted paper
      >presentations, and workshops, as well as includes proceedings for one
      >of the conferences or its associated workshops.
      >WI'07, IAT'07, BIBM'07 and GrC'07 will be co-located, providing
      >synergism among the three research areas: Web Intelligence and
      >Intelligent Agent Technology, Bioinformatics and Biomedicine, and
      >Granular Computing. This provides opportunities for technical
      >collaboration beyond that of previous conferences. The three
      >conferences will have a joint opening, keynote, reception, and
      >banquet. Attendees only need to register for one conference and can
      >attend workshops, sessions, keynote talks, panels and tutorials across
      >the three conferences.
      >WI'07/IAT'07/BIBM'07/GrC'07 Joint Keynote:
      >Computer science as a Lens on the Sciences:
      >The Example of Computational Molecular Biology
      >Professor Richard M. Karp
      >(1985 Turing Award Recipient)
      >University of California at Berkeley,USA
      >WI'07 and IAT'07 Joint Keynotes:
      >ServiceWeb 3.0
      >Professor Dieter Fensel
      >Director DERI/University Innsbruck, Austria
      >Conversational Informatics and Human-Centered Web Intelligence
      >Professor Toyoaki Nishida
      >Kyoto University, Japan
      >How Relevant Is Game Theory to Intelligent Agent Technology?
      >Professor Yoav Shoham
      >Stanford University, USA
      >The Challenge of Cultural Modeling for Inferring Intentions and Behavior
      >Professor Eugene Santos Jr.
      >Thayer School of Engineering at Dartmouth College, USA
      >WI Industry Keynotes (more speakers will be added):
      >Enterprise Information Mashups: Integarting Information, Simply
      >Anant Jhingran
      >VP and CTO, IBM Silicon Valley Laboratory, USA
      >Eric Brill
      >Principal Researcher and head of the Text Mining,
      >Search and Navigation Group at Microsoft Research, USA
      >Andrew Tomkin
      >Yahoo VP for Search Research
      >Multiple Criteria Decision Making and Data Mining
      >Professor Yong Shi
      >Executive Deputy Director, Chinese Academy of Sciences
      >Research Center on Fictitious Economy & Data Science, and
      >Associate Dean, School of Management,
      >Graduate University of the Chinese Academy of Sciences
      >WIC Feature Talk
      >Granular Computing for Web Intelligence and Brain Informatics
      >Professor Yiyu Yao
      >University of Regina and
      >International WIC Institute/BJUT
      >Tutorials include:
      >T1: Industrial session on mashups
      > Organizer: Howard Ho, IBM, USA
      > Presenters from IBM Almaden, Yahoo,
      > Google, and Microsoft
      >T2: Web-based Support Systems
      > Presenter: Dr. JingTao Yao
      > University of Regina, Canada
      >T3: Web and Text Mining for opinion/trend analysis
      > Presenter: Lipika Dey
      > Tata Consultancy Services, India
      >T4: Agent-Mining Interaction and Integration
      > Presenter: Dr Longbing Cao
      > University of Technology, Sydney, Australia
      >T5: Trust mechanisms for agent systems
      > Presenter: Dr Sandip Sen
      > University of Tulsa, USA
      >T6: Peer-to-Peer Distributed Data Mining for Multi-Agent Applications
      > Presenter: Dr Hillol Kargupta
      > University of Maryland Baltimore County
      > and President, AGNIK, LLC., USA
      >T7: Agent Mediated Knowledge Management (AMKM)
      > Presenter: Dr Virginia Dignum
      > Utrecht Universit, The Netherlands
      >T8: Distributed Constraint Reasoning:
      > A paradigm for effective coordination
      > in multiagent systems
      > Presenters:
      > Makoto Yokoo, Kyushu University, Japan
      > Joerg Denzinger, University of Calgary, Canada
      > Marius Silaghi, Florida Tech, USA
      > Adrian Petcu, Swiss Federal Inst. of Tech.
      >Workshops include:
      >W1: Workshop on Collective Intelligence on Semantic Web (CISW 2007)
      >W2: Workshop on New Computing Paradigms for Web Intelligence and
      > Brain Informatics (WImBI 2007)
      >W3: Workshop on Web Personalization and Recommender Systems (WPRS 2007)
      >W4: Workshop on Service Composition & SWS Challenge
      > (SerComp & SWS Challenge 2007)
      >W5: Workshop on Biomedicine Applications of Web technologies (BMWT 2007)
      >W6: Workshop on Intelligent Web Interaction (IWI 2007)
      >W7: Workshop on Social Media Analysis (SMA 2007)
      >W8: Workshop on Web Security, Integrity, Privacy and Trust (WSIPT 2007)
      >W9: Workshop on Communication between Human and Artificial Agents (CHAA 2007)
      >W10: Workshop on Rational, Robust, and Secure Negotiations in
      > Multi-Agent Systems (RRS 2007)
      >W11: Workshop on P2P Computing and Autonomous Agents (P2PAA 2007)
      >W12: Workshop on Multiagent Systems in E-business: Concepts,
      > Technologies and Applications (MASeB 2007)
      >W13: Workshop on Agent & Data Mining Interaction (ADMI 2007)
      >The WI'07, IAT'07, BIBM'07 and GrC'07 joint conference offers an
      >exciting social program, including the conference welcome reception on
      >Nov. 2 and the conference banquet on Nov. 3.
      >The conference banquet will be held on the Fremont Marriott Hotel.
      >You can also enjoy the city of Silicon Valley. You can get more
      >information about the conference hotel and local information from the
      >conference homepage: http://www.cs.sjsu.edu/wi07/
      >*** Contact Information ***
      >Dr. Jia Hu
      >International WIC Institute/BJUT, China
      >E-mail: hujia@...
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