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Fwd: CFP: CogRob2006 Workshop at AAAI 06, Boston

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  • Adam-ENEA
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 20, 2006
      > [Apologies for multiple copies of this CFP]
      > CogRob2006
      > The Fifth International Cognitive Robotics Workshop
      > (The AAAI-06 Workshop on Cognitive Robotics)
      > Boston, Massachusetts, USA, July 16-17, 2006
      > http://cogrob06.cs.tum.edu/
      > mailto:cogrob06@...
      >Important Dates:
      >Submission Deadline: March 31, 2006
      >Notification of Acceptance: May 8, 2006
      >Submission of camera ready copies: June 1, 2006
      >Workshop Description:
      >Research in robotics has traditionally emphasized low-level sensing and
      >control tasks including sensory processing, path planning, and manipulator
      >design and control. In contrast, research in cognitive robotics is concerned
      >with endowing robots and software agents with higher level cognitive
      >functions that enable them to reason, act and perceive in changing,
      >incompletely known, and unpredictable environments in a robust manner. Such
      >robots must, for example, be able to reason about goals, actions, resources
      >(linear and/or non-linear, discrete and/or continuous, replinishable or
      >expendable), when to perceive and what to look for, the cognitive states of
      >other agents, time, collaborative task execution, etc. In short, cognitive
      >robotics is concerned with integrating reasoning, perception and action with
      >a uniform theoretical and implementation framework.
      >The use of both software robots (softbots) and robotic artifacts in everyday
      >life is on the upswing and we are seeing increasingly more examples of their
      >use in society with commercial products around the corner and some already
      >onthe market. As interaction with humans increases, so does the demand for
      >sophisticated robotic capabilities associated with deliberation and
      >high-level cognitive functions. Combining results from the traditional
      >robotics discipline withthose from AI and cognitive science has and will
      >continue to be central to research in cognitive robotics.
      >This workshop aims at bringing together researchers involved in all aspects
      >of cognitive robots, and discussing cur-rent work and future directions.
      >While all aspects of cognitive robotics are of interest to the workshop, we
      >especially welcome discussions and demonstrations of implemented systems,
      >lessons learned from deployed systems in the real world, developments in
      >cognitive psychology and neuro-science relevant for developing more powerful
      >computational models of cognition, and on the interplay of cognitive
      >robotics with engineering fields such as control theory, mecatronics and
      >modern sensing technologies.
      >Submission information:
      >Potential participants are invited to submit either
      >* a full length technical paper
      >* a statement of interest with a position paper
      >For the sake of uniformity, all technical papers should follow the AAAI 2006
      >style guide and should be no longer than 8 pages in camera ready format.
      >Author names should be included. Please refer to the AAAI style guide for
      >details. Please disregard the AAAI submission instructions on this page.
      >Simply retrieve the style files from this page and send the final formatted
      >version to cogrob06@....
      >Others wishing to attend should submit a 1-2 page description of their work
      >or interest in this area (including a short list of related publications).
      >This may include specific questions and issues that they feel should be
      >addressed. Authors who would like to participate in systems demonstrations
      >(either live, simulated, or video-taped) should indicate their audio-visual
      >and/or computer needs at the time of submission.
      >If the quality of the submissions is sufficiently high, we may look into the
      >possibility of publishing extended versions of selected articles in a
      >special journal issue.
      >All submissions must arrive by March 31, 2006. Only electronic submissions
      >will be accepted and all papers must be in PDF format. All submissions
      >should be sent to cogrob06@...
      >Michael Beetz (contact)
      >Dept of Computer Science
      >Technische Universitaet Muenchen
      >D-85748 Garching
      >Kanna Rajan
      >Monterey Bay Acquarium
      >Research Institute (MBARI)
      >Monterey, Ca
      >Michael Thielscher
      >Dept of Computer Science
      >Dresden University of Technology
      >D-01062 Dresden
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