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Re: [absintelagent] Re: Meta-systems engineering

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  • Bruce Schuman
    Hello, Group -- Just wanted to say hi. I ve been getting these messages for a while, and I jumped when I saw Kent Palmer s name on this one. Kent and I used
    Message 1 of 3 , Feb 1, 2002
      Hello, Group --

      Just wanted to say hi. I've been getting these messages for a while, and I
      jumped when I saw Kent Palmer's name on this one. Kent and I used to be in
      cahoots back on The WELL, in the late 1980's.

      Hey Kent, what is happening, Dude?! Haven't talked to you in a long time
      -- but just the other day, I was digging through some files, and I was
      looking at the very first edition of ThinkNet -- !

      I promptly went to that array of sites and bumped around a little
      bit. Neat to see you still trucking down the old epistemic highway.....

      Just by way of small mind-bend, I put an essay online today that harks back
      to those days on The WELL. Maybe you saw this? Probably the only person
      that ever did...

      "Utopian Computer Networking: America's New Central Project" -- which I
      just put online through United Communities of Spirit,

      Also, for the seriously semantical, there is the series of essays on
      "Synthetic Dimensionality", at

      Good to see your name, Kent. Get in touch.

      - Bruce

      Bruce Schuman
      Origin Research
      PO Box 23346, Santa Barbara CA 93121

      At 03:53 PM 1/30/02 -0800, you wrote:
      >Adam M.Gadomski---
      >One of the first things we should get clear is the difference of our use
      >of the term meta-system.
      >I use the term meta-system in the sense of META which means "BEYOND THE
      >SYSTEM". I think you use it in terms of what is "ABOVE THE SYSTEM". Beyond
      >and Above does not have to mean the same thing. Beyond may be everything
      >else but the system which lies beyond it. Above may mean what Bateson and
      >Russell talks about as a Meta-level logically above the system at a
      >different level of logical typing. Meta-system could mean both of these
      >things in keeping with the ambiguity in the word meta. The two uses do not
      >need to conflict. But we could really get confused if we each talked about
      >meta-system thinking we each meant what the other meant.
      >Do you agree with my reading of your pages that you mean by meta "above"
      >i.e at a higher logical type?
      >I also talk about being at higher meta-levels but do not use the term
      >meta-system in this context. Also it is possible sometimes for the two
      >meanings of "meta" to come together, but in general people conflate the
      >two possible meanings and thus confusion arises in many cases.
      >See below . . .
      >Kent Palmer
      >Kent Duane Palmer, Ph.D. : Administrator of DialogNet
      >Systems Engineer & Philosopher : philosophy email lists at egroups.com
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      >Process, Methods & Tools Research : ***** A new Universe of Discourse *****
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