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Re: [abramelin] Re: Clarification (Concerning the LHP)

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  • Athena
    I hate to reply to a well written long post with just one sentence, but here goes anyways. You definitely hit the nail on the head there when you talked about
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      I hate to reply to a well written long post with just one sentence, but here goes anyways.  You definitely hit the nail on the head there when you talked about after meeting your HGA and the last bit of the working only being the *beginning* and then you start! :) 


      2008/9/17 Georg Dehn <gd@...>

      dear Frater Hauss
      and all You great brothers and sisters

      after joining the group I watched Your conversation for a few days. It
      is thrilling to go through all the statements as I have some experience
      with the inner work. Therefore I call You brothers and sisters as none
      of You has communicated things that I didn't meet on my various ways.

      But not everything of the said experiences are Abramelin experiences.
      Some is very psycho-logistic some is too rational. One fact is evident:
      Abramelin is not Shamanistic.
      I liked the sentence, that if You start it Satanistic, You will not
      remain one.
      And: "You can not fail."

      My own insight is, that the Abramelin never ends. Surely You cannot stop
      in the middle. Though it will bring You a result, but going through to
      the end, You will see it is an initiation and then YOU start. The
      Abramelin then will send You back home into the "Old World" and You find
      Your way through the middle east countries, where civilization started
      and you're heading via greek empire of the classic and the Roman sphere
      finally to France which taught us liberty and equality and brotherhood
      not so many years ago. It finally is the journey through your own
      civilization and socialization and spreading of consciousness.

      Meeting the Angel is not the final experience, it is the initial experience.

      I found the many small advices within each of the three periods are
      also to be seen as a collection of exerzices. Each You can do
      separately. Like periods of silence, periods without sex, periods of
      certain food and so on.

      The question of the duration of the periods is easy:
      three times two months is nothing. I am an astrologer and what are two
      months? If you're heading to 18 months sounds good just for the fact,
      that the natural cycle of one year is icluded. And it is the doubling of
      the 9 Months. It makes much sence.

      If You see the length of the periods from the point of
      time-is-not-important then it also is self evident, that You choose a
      duration that lasts longer than Your feeling can control. Two months are
      something to wait for. It is schoolkid exercise. It is the same fault as
      if You do Yoga using an alarm clock. The fifth or tenth time Your
      subconscous will know when it is over and You start "coming back"
      waiting for the end of term. Good, or real Yoga starts, when You sit and
      once forget time. If it is two minutes or two hours, never mind.

      So if You do the Ritual do it for so many days, that You cannot count
      them. Neither intuitively, nor consciously. More than hundred days each
      period is good. Abraham von Worms modelled it around the jewish
      calendar, so it fits to the big holidays of the Monotheisitc religions
      as well as the Pagans. That's it and it makes sence.

      After all there are experiences relating to each period. If You made
      them, the thing had it's peak. Your inner feeling, Your intuition would
      tell You if it is good to start the next period. They might be different
      in duration.

      Time is a hidden enemy.
      Novalis said:
      Wenn nicht mehr Zahlen und Figuren
      sind Schl├╝ssel aller Kreaturen

      - when Numbers and figures are not longer the keys to creatures (and

      This is avoiding time measuring, but also means, when Abraham von Worms
      says, never _learn_ a prayer out of heart. Only learn to pray out of
      Your heart, spontaneously, intense, intuitive, mindless, without
      thinking. Pray as if You weep or as if You laugh. Then You do it with
      the right thought and intention. You might loose the reason and wish
      which was fore- or background for praying, but You find the right
      content. The words find themselves, not Your brain has to find them.
      Spiritual communicaton has no purpose. This is a big error in
      rationalistic, intellectdomesticated practical thought. Communication is
      fulfilling the needs of the spiritual world. Call them, tell them and
      they give You what is in Your need. Give without asking and take without

      So don't learn "right" words and on the other hand, don't count and
      measure. Don't set a time like a frame. AvW lead through three jewish
      holidays. These are related to natural cycles, related to Your own
      feeling with the seasons. So the time comes "by itself" not because of a
      frame. Just go for two summers and a winter.

      I could go on writing. Please apologize if too long or too hard to
      understand. I just end now.

      Dear friends,
      dear Hauss

      I wish You luck,
      share my love and blessed be


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