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Re: Abramelin questions and a basic survey to help me.

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  • Mykel
    I m saying this as someone planning it, not having achieved it, just so you know. For the Temple Room being 100% private, I don t remember it saying it has to
    Message 1 of 4 , Oct 29, 2007
      I'm saying this as someone planning it, not having achieved it, just
      so you know.

      For the Temple Room being 100% private, I don't remember it saying it
      has to be completely private (except as mentioned for the very last
      part). I wouldn't deduce it has to be completely private because in
      the Dehn translation in Chapter Seven (I only know it, cause I reread
      that Chapter tonight) it says your wife can't enter when she's on her
      period, and if they specify she can't then, I would assume she could
      other times.

      As for sending away your daughter, Abraham says you should send away
      children, unless they are breast feeding, or the first born. While
      given the time and culture I'm sure first born only meant son,
      personally I wouldn't worry about it.

      It's up to you about the reading I'd say. It depends on how
      authoritarian you want to understand the entire thing, because Abraham
      also says all magic books (like Goetia and Agrippa) are frauds, that
      they have some truth in them, but the devil has put lies in with them.

      And that's my take for now.


      --- In abramelin@yahoogroups.com, "Roberto" <nbp.robert@...> wrote:
      > Thank you for the response. I can only take two weeks off of work so I
      > guess I will make that the last two weeks of The Operation. In regards
      > to work, I don't hang out with anybody from there i keep my life fairly
      > personal. For the most part the class thing is a good way to stray from
      > the gossip, which I am all ready starting to do. Even though I am not
      > practicing yet I'm trying to get my affairs in order to make it easier.
      > Another thing "The Prayer Room/Temple" I understand is private, does
      > that mean 100% that my wife cannot sleep with me in the chamber, or
      > enter it ever at all?
      > 2nd, in the OFFICIAL Dehn/Guth book Abraham Of Worms speaks of being
      > able to study and read up on mixed and blended Kabbalah for the first
      > few months. Is this so, can I read Agrippa and Goetia or will that
      > interfere with the purity of the final result-?
      > I have so much more to ask but I'll wait until the time approaches to
      > ask the heavy stuff. You guys are great and I thank you for this
      > support network. Again 21st century mage was a good blue print, but I
      > know the final result is different for everyone. My next inquiry will
      > be in regards to the four princes.
      > Sincerely; Robert
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