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Re: Satanic Study Course

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  • Aaron
    Greetings! I would consider Abramelin s warning about a splendorous being who will appear before you ve completed the Rite. This entity s job is to steer
    Message 1 of 9 , Sep 5, 2007

      I would consider Abramelin's warning about a "splendorous being" who
      will appear before you've completed the Rite. This entity's job is to
      steer you away from the Operation- and to ultimately make sure that
      the old "pre-Abramelin" you stays alive. (In other words avoiding the
      entire death-rebirth processes.) What you're describing sounds spot-on.

      I would personally suggest returning to the text. After you've
      completed the Rite, you'll have plenty of time to follow your HGA in
      new directions. :)

      In LVX

      --- In abramelin@yahoogroups.com, "Tsirk Susej" <tsirksusej@...> wrote:
      > My apologies, Athena. I thought that the course on Satanism might be
      > of interest to some.
      > I posted three months ago that Tsirk Susej was no more, and that the
      > account I am using had been deleted. Since this might confuse some
      > readers, I thought I would clarify my actions.
      > Three months ago, I deleted my account and eliminted all traces that
      > Tsirk Susej existed (including my books, Yahoo Groups, etc). I began
      > the Abramelin Operation as "naked" as I could. I felt that this was
      > necessary as a symbolic death of my old life.
      > Until a short time ago, I was performing the ritual as close as
      > possible to the original text. I have now begun to deviate from that
      > text and to work in my "own style," as others before me have done.
      > I have now reactivated this account at the direction of my HGA and
      > have once again assumed the name Tsirk Susej, given to me several
      > years ago.
      > I do not know what the ultimate outcome of this operation may be, but
      > believe I will come to a greater understanding and mastery of the
      > force which I first encountered in the year 1999.
      > I crossed the abyss once *literally* and will cross the abyss again
      > *magickally.* My first experience was less willed, less voluntary.
      > The experience may have had imperfect results.
      > Is it possible that a Mage may cross the abyss twice and utter two
      > Words and create two Laws? I have never heard of such a thing. If it
      > is posbible, does it mean that the first Law was flawed or
      > incomplete?
      > Have I discovered a grade beyond Ipissimus?
      > These are the questions I will soon find answers to.
      > Thelema, Xeper, Deitus
      > Magus Tsirk Susej
      > Senior Ambassador
      > Embassy of Lucifer
      > "Our ultimate goal is the evolution of man into a being equal to a
      > god."
      > http://www.deitus.org
    • Tsirk Susej
      Greetings, I need hardly point out that all magic is satanic . The very act of effecting change in the universe according to one s will falls under the
      Message 2 of 9 , Sep 25, 2007

        I need hardly point out that all magic is "satanic". The very act of
        effecting change in the universe according to one's will falls under
        the definition of the LHP (Left-Hand-Path) and Black Magic. If you wish
        to delude yourself that you are serving God by conjuring demons and
        commanding them to do your will, by all means do so, but do not expect
        anyone to believe this the case.

        I have crossed the abyss and have seen the twilit world which exists
        beyond. In this place, there was no god or Satan, only a world where
        time stood still and illusion had substance. I experienced this once,
        not in a dream or fantasy, but in the real world. Panick and horror
        nearly consumed me, but an amulet in the form of an egyptian ankh
        helped me to find my way back.

        In the ten years since, I have sought to understand this experience.
        Perhaps it was a "psychotic break" from reality, but I am unable to
        belive this, even though such a belief would give a greater sense of
        ease. The abyss is real. It exists around us. Our lives do not end with
        death, but continue in a realm unseen by mortals.

        If I could believe, as you, that God is loving and kind and that the
        good people went to heaven, such belief would give peace and rest until
        such time as death overtook me. But god is not so and heaven does not
        exist. If power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely, then
        the omnipotent creator is the most corrupt of all beings. We live in a
        world which is satanic and all gods are daemons. Of course, there is
        the satanic and the satanic, the one is proclaimed as holy.

        Do I blaspheme creation? Do I reject God? I love God. I embrace him.
        The elemental god of the Hebrews (YHVH) who swollowed Korah whole into
        the ground, who brought the locusts upon egypt by a strong east wind,
        who appeared in a pillar of fire by night, and who destroyed the earth
        with a flood, is the most evil and earthly of all beings. Jesus Christ,
        who rejected hypocricy and self-deceit, was one of the great Satanic
        Masters of the World. I greet him in the name of Satan and in the name
        of Lucifer.

        Tsirk Susej
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