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The Talismans and their Spirits

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  • Aaron
    Greetings! I ve been doing a lot of work with Abramelin s Third Book lately. My Guardian put me off working with the Talismans and spirits- saying I had a lot
    Message 1 of 3 , Nov 22, 2005

      I've been doing a lot of work with Abramelin's Third Book lately.
      My Guardian put me off working with the Talismans and spirits-
      saying I had a lot to learn beforehand. (About goetic evocation,
      etc.) It has only been over the past weeks and months that I have
      been drawn back to this part of the Abramelin system. Now, I'd like
      to share my thoughts here, and maybe generate some useful discussion.

      I believe I wrote- both in "Secrets..." and in my Guardian Angel
      essay- that the Talismans in the Book Three are likely useless.
      Since Abramelin insists that the HGA alone will teach you the Sacred
      Magick, I felt that Book Three was mostly superfluous.

      Now, I have a slightly different view- and I believe I've cracked
      some of the "system" behind Book Three.

      I believe I've discussed the Solar and Zodiacal nature of the
      Abramelin material - beginning with the HGA's relationship to the
      Sun. Then, we find there are 12 Princes of Hell to evoke- likely
      relating to the Zodiac, descending from the Babylonian concept of
      zodiacal demons. (Not demons who live in the stars- but earth-bound
      or infernal spirits that are *governed* by the stars.) Finally, I'm
      fairly certain I have suggested that the German original of
      Abramelin possesses 360 lesser spirits- further indicating a
      relationship with the zodiac.

      Sadly, I was mistaken about the German original. I counted up the
      spirits listed in that book (available on Joseph
      Peterson's "Esoteric Archives"), and they come to MUCH more than
      360. (My mistake was thanks to Bardon...) This doesn't destroy the
      zodiacal implications of the 12 Princes of Hell. However, it does
      indicate a slightly different system in Book Three than I had first
      come to suspect.

      Let's start with the Talismans. Are they useless? My answer today
      is "No." I believe one should draw them up (the *completed* ones,
      not the French/Mathers versions) and place them on the Terrace for
      the Princes to swear upon- just as Abramelin describes. As we shall
      see, I believe these are perfectly workable Talismans for any of us-
      intended to provide a "starting point" for an even larger system of
      magick. The system we see in Book Three is incomplete, and is
      waiting for each individual aspirant to expand it based upon their
      own work with their HGA.

      Next, we have the servient spirits associated with the Princes. At
      this point, I *DO* feel that the spirits listed in Abramelin are
      useless to the aspirant. Now, your first reaction may
      (understandably) be to say: but aren't those Talismans meant to work
      with those spirits specifically? And the answer is "not exactly."
      If you read Abramelin carefully, you'll note that none of the
      servient spirits are listed with the Talismans. It is the Princes
      of Hell (specifically the 8 Sub-Princes) who are associated with the
      Talismans. In fact, it is only the Princes who are evoked during
      the 7-day Abramelin Rite to swear upon the Talismans. That means
      the names of the servient spirits themselves are not necessary.

      Of course, Abramelin does instruct one to write up a list of all the
      servient spirits and place that list on the Terrace as well.
      *However*- hidden elsewhere in the book- Abramelin reveals that we
      should ask the HGA for our own personal list of spirits - those
      spirits who are most sympathetic to your psyche, and whose names
      only your HGA can reveal. (In other words- your own personal

      It is on the fourth day of the 7-day Rite that one makes first
      contact with the Holy Guardian Angel. On that day, the Angel is
      supposed to teach you how to properly summon the spirits, and should
      also reveal your own unique list of servient spirits- along with
      which Prince or Princes they are subservient to. I would start with
      a chart showing the Princes as they are grouped in Abramelin:







      All of the above headings are given lists of spirits in Abramelin-
      covering the operations of ALL of the Abramelin Talismans. Note
      that the four main Princes have no part in this list. The Big Four
      are only summoned to bring the Eight Sub-Princes, and then the Sub-
      Princes are in charge of the magick- working via their servient

      To continue- I would present this list to the Angel, and ask if He
      will reveal the names of any spirits. If He does- great! Write
      them down where the HGA indicates. However, if the Angel will not
      (or can not!) reveal any names on this day - don't worry about it!
      As I said above, it is the Princes you are evoking in the Rite- so
      the names of servient spirits can be added *anytime* later.

      If, on the other hand, your Angel does reveal some names - keep in
      mind that the names will indicate which Talismans you are given
      permission to work with. For example, let us say your Angel reveals
      the name of a servitor - and tells you that the spirit is governed
      by Oriens, Paimon, Ariton and Amaimon collectively. Looking in
      Abramelin, we find the following Talismans are goverend by these
      four Sub-Princes:

      Chapter I. (To know all manner of things past and future, which be
      not however directly opposed to God, and to his most holy will.)
      Chapter II. (To obtain information concerning, and to be enlightened
      upon all sorts of propositions, and all doubtful sciences.)
      Chapter III. (To cause any spirit to appear, and take any form, such
      as of man, animal, bird, etc.)
      Chapter IV. (For divers visions.)
      Chapters V. (How we may retain the familiar spirits bond or free, in
      whatsoever form.)
      Chapter XIII. (To cause a dead body to revive, and perform all the
      functions which a living person would do, and this during a space of
      seven years, by means of the spirits.)
      Chapter XVII. (To fly in the air, and travel any whither.)
      Chapter XXVII. (To cause visions to appear.)
      Chapter XXIX. (To cause armed men to appear.)

      Thus, the servient spirit you have recieved is likely able to
      perform one or more of these above tasks. It will be up to you to
      ask the Guardian Angel which operation(s) the spirit can handle- and
      that can be done after the Abramelin Rite is completed and you are
      ready to start actively using the Talismans.

      Now, it is impossible to guess how many servient spirits your HGA
      will reveal during the Rite. You may fill the entire chart with
      several spirits under each heading. Maybe you'll only get a couple
      of names- leaving the bulk of the chart blank. Again- that's ok!
      This is the open-ended nature of the system.

      Let's use another example. Say you've done Abramelin, and you've
      recieved NO names at all under the heading of Astarot and Asmodee.
      Take a look at Abramelin, and we find that these two Princes execute
      the following Talismans:

      Chapter VI. (To cause mines to be pointed out, and to help forward
      all kinds of work connected therewith.)
      Chapter VII. (To cause the spirits to perform with facility and
      promptitude all necessary chemical labours and operations, as
      regardeth metals especially.)
      Chapter IX. (To transform animals into men, and men into animals,

      Having done the Abramelin Rite properly, you'll have these
      Talismans, and the Sub-Princes will have sworn an oath upon them.
      But, because your HGA gave you no servient spirits for Astarot and
      Asmodee, you have been denied permission (for now) to perform the
      above operations. IF you should later find a need for one of these
      Talismans, it will be necessary to perform the ceremony as outlined
      in Abramelin to evoke the Angel and ask for the name(s) of the
      servient spirit(s) who can perform the task.

      SO! - We've started with an empty list, with the Sub-Princes as
      headings. Maybe the Angel partially filled it in, maybe not.
      However, Abramelin does give us what we need to approach the Angel
      and get the names later.

      But wait! There's more!

      Remember this is an entirely open-ended system. One look at the
      chart I outlined above will make it obvious that it is incomplete.
      Therefore, I suggest expaning the chart-headings to something like











      So now we can recieve names for even more servient spirits than
      shown in Abramelin - for Talismans that we haven't even received
      yet. When it is time to skry a new Talisman, one merely has to ask
      the Guardian Angel:

      1) For the Talisman.
      2) Which Sub-Prince(s) govern the Talisman's operation.
      3) The name of the spirit(s) subservient to the Sub-Prince(s).
      4) How to use the Talisman.

      This not only follows the system outlined by Abramelin to the
      letter, but also allows it to grow and expand just as the Book of
      Abramelin teaches should happen.

      That's about it for now. Perhaps I'll have more later. :)

    • Aaron
      ... type.
      Message 2 of 3 , Nov 25, 2005
        --- In solomonic@yahoogroups.com, "MOLOCH" <bm969@y...> wrote:
        > In solomonic, "Aaron" wrote:
        > >and I'd LOVE to hear from anyone with knowlege/experience with
        > constructing magickal squares. Especially the "double acrostic"
        > I've used this technique for constructing the so-called "magicK
        > squares" as found in Abramelin. There is another modern grimoire
        > gives this technique and it works quite well. Ever try creating
        one of
        > these for a given Entity's name? It does help both in making
        > as well as tapping into the Entity's own power.

        Could you share this technique with us?

        My understanding is that each line of the square has to make a word.
        You can be creative with spelling and transliteration if you have to
        be, and mixing languages is fine, but the word should be

        As I see it now- I see two types of squares: acrostic and
        double-acrostic. To make an acrostic, I assume one would recieve
        (skry) the first word of the Square. That would tell us how large the
        square must be. That word would be written at the top of the square
        and downward on the left-hand border.

        Then, the second word of the square would already have its first
        letter set. So, do we have to search through lexicons of various
        languges until we find a word that begins with that letter, and has
        *approximately* the right number of letters? We would then write that
        word into the square horizontally and vertically-downward.

        Then, the third word in the square would have its first and second
        letters fixed. Do we search the lexicons again for words that begin
        with those two letters?

        That would go on until the entire square were completed. It should
        read the same horizontally or vertically-downward.

        On the other hand, most of the Abramelin Talismans seem to be *double
        acrostic* squares. That means we take that first word, and write in
        into the top, left-downard, bottom (backward) and right-upward. It
        forms a border around the entire square.

        Now, the first AND last letters of the second word are set. Again-
        does this mean a search through lexicons for a word that begins and
        ends with those letters? That word, then, is written four times
        (forward, downward, backward and upward) inside the border.

        Then, the third word of the square will have its first, second and
        last letters set. Again the search through the lexicons? The new
        word is again written four times.

        This would continue until the top half of the square were complete,
        and thus the entire square was full of letters. The bottom half of
        the square will simply be the reverse of the top half. *However*-
        don't the reversed-words in the bottom half of a doulbe-acrostic also
        have to be proper words themselves?

        I'd like to hear from anyone who has experience generating these

        > >It certainly does make all the difference. Without the full
        > Abramelin Operation, the Talismans are really unimpressive.<
        > When I'm finished with the writing projects I have going on, I'll
        > one more to add that is a much like the Abramelin but without the
        > Abramelin. ;-) That's all I'll say on that for now.

        I can't wait to hear more! :)

      • Aaron
        Greetings, folks! ... After doing some practical work in this regard, and looking through my own notes from several years ago, I discovered that the above is
        Message 3 of 3 , Dec 7, 2005
          Greetings, folks!

          I have another correction for you:

          --- In abramelin@yahoogroups.com, "Aaron" <Aaron@L...> wrote:

          > Of course, Abramelin does instruct one to write up a list of all the
          > servient spirits and place that list on the Terrace as well.
          > *However*- hidden elsewhere in the book- Abramelin reveals that we
          > should ask the HGA for our own personal list of spirits - those
          > spirits who are most sympathetic to your psyche, and whose names
          > only your HGA can reveal. (In other words- your own personal
          > demons!)

          After doing some practical work in this regard, and looking through my
          own notes from several years ago, I discovered that the above is
          slightly in error.

          The Book of Abramelin does NOT, in fact, tell you to ask your HGA for
          a list of servient spirits. Instead, one is intended to ask the *8
          Sub-Princes* of Hell for these names:

          Book 2, "Essential Remarks upon the Foregoing Symbols"

          ...and in the first demand which thou shalt make unto the four spirits
          (who are) the supreme princes, and unto the eight sub-princes; thou
          shalt demand the most skilful of the spirits, of whom thou shalt make
          a register for convenience of the practice which I describe unto thee
          in this third book where also thou wilt find the symbols of many

          This list of spirits should be requested during the "Demand of the
          Second Day":

          Book 2, Ch. 15

          And further you shall request from these four, that is to say, from
          Oriens, Paimon, Ariton, and Amaimon; that each of them shall assign
          and consign unto you your familiar spirit, which from the day of your
          birth they are compelled to give unto you. These will be given and
          furnished unto you with their dependants and will afterwards obey you.
          It is for you to demand from these the other spirits which you may
          wish to have; but seeing that they be infinite in number, and one more
          skilful in service than another, one for one matter, another for
          another; you shall make a selection of the spirits whom you wish, and
          you shall put outside upon the terrace a written list of their names
          for the eight sub-princes (to see),

          Back to work for me...

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