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Re: Adapting the 18m version to the 6m version

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  • Shaun
    The Golden Dawn text/manual first collated by Israel Regardie is going through its 7th update in order to add many of the new insights that have come to light
    Message 1 of 10 , Sep 17, 2012

      The Golden Dawn text/manual first collated by Israel Regardie is going through its 7th update in order to add many of the new insights that have come to light within that system over the years. While it seems that not long has passed since the Abramelin edition came out am sure that by the time things are ready there'll be much to include for people to want to purchase the new edition to sit alongside the old one.

      Below is the email from John Michael Greer in regards to the new Golden Dawn Edition as I can't link it will have to paste it into the email:

       Avete Fratres et Sorores!

        I would like to pass on some important news to the membersof the Golden Dawn community, and to ask for the assistance of my fratres andsorores in a project that may make a positive difference for the future of ourcommon tradition. Llewellyn Publications, the copyright holders of IsraelRegardie's The Golden Dawn, has started the process of preparing a new, seventhedition of that deservedly famous book. As most of you are well aware, thecurrently available sixth edition has had more than its share of problems - anabundance of typos and other errors introduced during the process of scanningand editing the original text, some serious omissions of material, and more -and this came on top of a range of problems with the original text, some datingback to its writing and first publication, others introduced since then.

        In order to fix these problems - and avoid adding any more!- the staff at Llewellyn decided to contract with a writer/editor who wasalready familiar with the tradition, rather than doing the editingin-house. When they offered me the contract, I accepted on the understanding thatI would be consulting with other practitioners of the tradition to make the newseventh edition the definitive version of this classic work. While I have beena student of the Golden Dawn work since 1976, I am well aware that there aremany others in the Golden Dawn community whose experience with the traditiongoes far beyond mine. Furthermore, beyond all questions of copyright law, TheGolden Dawn belongs in a very real sense to all those who have studied it,worked with it,and made the teachings of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawna central part of their lives; it seems to me that a project such as this wouldbest be done, not by an individual, but by the whole community. I wouldtherefore like to ask your help with this project.

      > This is what I have in mind.


        First and foremost, all the typos and errors introduced intothe text need to be located and fixed. There are a great many of them, and noone person's eyes are likely to spot them all. I would therefore like to askall those who are willing to do so, to list all the typos and errors they canfind, noting their location by page and line number.

      Please use the sixth edition (the currently available largeblack paperback), since the electronic files of this edition are the rawmaterial I will be using as a starting point for the editorial work. The lists,and all other material,may be sent to the email address that follows.

      Second, anything that was left out of the sixth editionneeds to be identified and replaced. This will require carefully comparing thetext, page by page, between the current edition and the older versions.

      > Third, all passages in Hebrew, Greek, Coptic, and
      Enochianneed to be checked for spelling and accuracy by people familiar with thoselanguages, and any necessary corrections made. All astrological, elemental,alchemical, and other symbols also have to be checked and, where necessary,corrected.


      > Fourth, the stage directions in the rituals need to
      bechecked by those who have experience performing them. There have been repeatedclaims that officers are put in the wrong places, change position withoutexplanation, and so on. All notes on staging the rituals therefore need to bereviewed and, where necessary, corrected.


       Fifth, all the diagrams and images need to be gone overcarefully, all errors identified and all corrections indicated. This includeschecking and correcting the Hebrew and other non-English alphabets in thediagrams. Current plans are to have all the art from the book redone by acapable artist familiar with the tradition, so corrections here need to besuggested as soon as possible.

      Sixth, I have been given a certain amount of 'wiggle room'to add new material to the book. I plan on doing so very sparingly - animproved and expanded index, and a briefly annotated bibliography of worthwhilebooks for students of the Golden Dawn tradition, are the two additions I haveprimarily in mind. Still, I would be willing to listen to proposals for theaddition of short essays in the text where that would be helpful to students.

      Seventh, and most controversially, I would like to checkRegardie's text against copies of the original Golden Dawn rituals andknowledge lectures. I understand that many of those who have such copies keepthem tightly locked in their filing cabinets; still, to make this thedefinitive edition of The Golden Dawn, referring back to the original sourcematerial is an essential step. I would therefore like to ask members of thecommunity who have any of these documents to consider scanning or photocopyingthe material they have, and allowing me to use the copies as references in theeditorial process. Any materials so lent will remain unpublished, and I amentirely willing to abide by any restrictions on the use or distribution ofsuch documents as the lender may find necessary. The point of this request isnot to raid anybody's files; it is simply to make sure that, as far aspossible, the lectures and rituals in The Golden Dawn are an accurate copy ofthe material
      originally circulated in the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn.

      I am awarethat not everyone in the Golden Dawn community will be interested inparticipating in the revision process, and that not everyone who is interestedwill have the time to do so. Furthermore, I can offer in return only my ownheartfelt gratitude, and a published acknowledgment, in the seventh edition, toeach frater or soror, each temple, and each order that contributes to thiswork. That being said, I hope that as many of you as possible will be willingto help make the new seventh edition a milestone in the history of the GoldenDawn tradition. I have set up an email address specifically for this projectat gdrevision@...... - pleaseuse this for all correspondence related to the seventh edition. In terms of thetime frame for this project, I plan on beginning the editing process in Januaryof 2013, and the completed manuscript is due on the Spring Equinox of 2014.

        Sub umbra alarum tuarum, YHVH --

      >Frater GME (John Michael Greer)

      Thank you for your replies Aaron and others, am very much excited and nervous about attempting the rite. Will have to spend a while beforehand looking for apartments suitable enough to settle down and work within, know that an East facing window will be clincher... will probably call estate agents and inform them of my luck in suffering from insommnia (perhaps also Claustrophobia) making a well lit east facing room with a window a must in any property rented with them. Will be trawling the topic list heavily over the next year or so.

      Would suggest that a seperate email is sent in regards to the revision as most would not be aware of it otherwise and would like to thank Georg and his team for bringing the operation upto date in the first place, am a bit annoyed that I can't commit to it over the 6m version as I'd perfer a gradual unfolding over a highlander styled 'quickening' but there you go .lol.


    • AaronL
      In the end, it doesn t matter if you do the 6 month or 18 month version - you re going to do the same amount of work in the long run. Doing the 6 month
      Message 2 of 10 , Sep 17, 2012
        In the end, it doesn't matter if you do the 6 month or 18 month version - you're going to do the same amount of work in the long run. Doing the 6 month version, you'll just have more work to do on the other side. And even if you do the 18 month version, you'll STILL have years of work to do on the other side.


        --- In abramelin@yahoogroups.com, Shaun <rebel_lion973@...> wrote:

        > a bit annoyed that I can't commit to it over the 6m version as I'd
        > perfer a gradual unfolding over a highlander styled 'quickening' but
        > there you go .lol.
        > Peace
        > /Shaun/
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