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  • Athena
    If you want the basic instructions, they are laid out in the archives. I think a search for final 7 days should do it ;). In other words, I don t have it
    Message 1 of 3 , Feb 22, 2012
      If you want the basic instructions, they are laid out in the archives.  I think a search for final 7 days should do it ;).  In other words, I don't have it memorized ;).


      On Tue, Feb 21, 2012 at 9:57 AM, Desi Magia <desi.magia@...> wrote:

      Adam, Hi.
      I don't know how this reply can be of any use to you, I am sure you'll receive many answers telling different things, all of which i am sure will be valid from the point of view of the writers. But I'll answer you according to what my experiences were.
      As you know, the first day is the day is the day of consecration. You follow the instructions and you get out of the Oratory and rest.
      For me, the next three days were for meeting the Clean, and Holy Spirits.
      You'll find that if your HGA had already appeared to you in the last two months, thanks to your sticking to all the instructions. You'll begin to receive visits from pure spirits within half an hour of beginning. That is what happened to me,.
      An Angel aapears and identifyes themselves, then tells you what they have been sent to tell you you might be with that one for the whole of the day, or they Angel might leave; If the same one will come back, they will inform you.
      It is also possible that the same one may be the one to appear to you for the following day.
      It may also be your HGA who appears to you on the first of the three days of calling them. If so you'll already be used to them, and you'll get lots of teaching.
      On the third day the HGA will formally invest you with your powers.
      If that happens, you can be sure that the rest will go smoothly, as the HGA would have told you how to handle the Princes of the Devils.
      You'll just call them and you won't have much difficulties, of course they usually try their chances and argue a bot, but if had behaved impeccably during the six months, they wouldn't even bother trying. and will appear and take the vows easily.
      It is another story if no Clean spirits, nor your HGA appear to you. You can then deduce that certain errors you committed during the six months are respnsible.
      Search your heart, pray and confess, mentioning where you erred,, pray and ask for forgiveness. Do not give up on the first attempt.
      Please, notice that you could invoke and pray during the first three days with no Angel appearing. If so, do not give up, do not abandon the ritual, and do not attempt to go ahead and call the princes of the Devils either.
      So I say, instead of the three days, if you receive no apparition, be prared to go on for a whole seven days invoking, and pleading for mercy.
      God may still regard you with pity and finally dispatch an Angel with a message. If one comes, carry on as the Angel will instruct you.
      Otherwise, you may conclude that you have failed.
      Even then, I'd still doggedly continue praying. Even declaring that you are willing to go on for another three months, using the first one as instructed for the first two moons. the second for the next two moons and the final month for the last two, then try to invoke again.
      Believe me, determination will certainly help here.
      Not seeing your HGA or any other Clean Spirit can be disheartening that if you give in to depression, it would take you years before you even summon up the courage to try again. So don't give up.
      I hope this gives you a bit of an insight into what to expect. The appearance of the Clean Spirits and the HGA is the key to success in this ritual. without them, you cannot arrive at anything, if you wish to obtain the power in the right way.
      Of course, this was my experience as I dispensed with the use of a child. But if you have one, again you should be prepared to invoke for the first two days after the Consecration without seeing anything.
      But not even the child can sway the Angel if you had made many deliberate mistakes, omissions and errors during the six months.


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