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    ... The American Holocaust By Gabriel Garnica They were systematically exterminated via gas, burning, piercing, mutilation, and other forms of torture all
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      The American Holocaust

      By Gabriel Garnica

      They were systematically exterminated via gas, burning,
      mutilation, and other forms of torture all justified and
      rationalized by a
      pervasive bias and hatred that ignored their humanity, dignity,
      and right
      to exist. In order to escape the inescapable horror of what
      was being
      done, they were branded as anything other than or less than
      human such
      that their elimination was seen as a positive right and
      betterment for the
      society. Millions were thus butchered in this vile form, and
      their murder
      is an eternal testament to the satanic, demonic, depths to
      which humanity
      is capable of sinking when it loses touch with its God and
      instead links
      itself the agent of all evil via possessed leaders and
      celebrated fools.
      Later on, their murder became a tool for politics, agendas,
      selfish gain,
      manipulation, and other foul deeds. Many claiming to be
      morally against
      these vile acts nevertheless contributed to them by their
      rationalization, or absurd disclaimers. These victims were
      because of who they were as a group and what they represented
      to those
      with their blood on their hands. This world and this society
      will never
      be the same in light of this vile, despicable crime against
      humanity and
      above all against God.

      Unfortunately for us, this heinous crime did not end when
      concentration camps closed nearly sixty years ago. It still
      persists in a
      new, even more ghastly form.....legalized abortion on demand
      Partial-birth abortion. I cannot imagine how anyone can
      rationalize, or have faith in anyone or any system which even
      thinks about
      allowing such a despicable, vile, and horrible crime against
      the most
      innocent of victims. Anyone who outcries against the Jewish
      Holocaust yet
      advocates, accepts, or silently permits the American Holocaust
      is a
      hypocrite of the highest order. If it is wrong to kill 6
      million Jews
      because one does not recognize them as human beings, then it is
      wrong to kill 44 million babies because one does not recognize
      them as
      human beings. To even attempt to differentiate the two is to
      mock God,
      humanity, dignity, basic intelligence, and common sense!

      History Repeats Itself

      Unless one has been in a cave for decades, one has often
      heard of the
      vile and terrible slaughter of millions of Jews by the Nazis
      during World
      War II. These people were ripped from their families, their
      lives, and
      their existence by utter, blind hatred and insanity draped in
      arrogance, rationalization, blame, and pathetic justification.
      We rightly
      call anyone having anything to do with these crimes a monster,
      a fiend, a
      devil, and a murder of the lowest kind. Unfortunately, there
      are now
      those such as Abe Foxman, Frank Rich, and others who use this
      horror to
      push their biases, agenda, and selfish motives across, as they
      did in
      accusing Mel Gibson of practically being one of the gas chamber
      at a concentration camp. Far from being noble defenders of
      Jewish concerns
      and memory, these parasites merely sought to feed their motives
      pushing their divisive agendas. Despite these examples of the
      dark side
      of humanity, our society rightly seeks to distance itself and
      condemn the
      evils of the Jewish Holocaust.

      World history has been nothing if not a roller coaster of
      vulgarity, good, evil, peace, and violence. Injustice and
      terror have
      been continuous visitors upon the human condition, and this has
      changed. The multitude of wars and atrocities witnessed by our
      attest to this recurring tragedy wherein we never learn. The
      upturn in terrorism sparked by 9/11 is merely a more recent,
      and yet
      equally tragic and graphic, illustration of human hatred and

      Despite the true madness of all of the above events and
      visited upon this world and this society, there has been an
      madness and horror begun in developmentally primitive societies
      continued in this morally primitive society, that of the murder
      infants. History tells us that ancients sacrificed their young
      to the
      gods seeking better luck, better crops, or the approval of
      those many
      gods. We read that these primitives threw their infants into
      pits of
      fire, alive or dead, to satisfy these illusions of self-good or
      superstitions of fortune. Now we find ourselves in the
      supposedly most
      modern and enlightened society of a supposedly modern world,
      yet we
      continue to carry on this vile evil, albeit with upgraded
      technology. It
      is clear that, as we have always learned, history repeats
      itself because
      it never really stopped in the first place. We have not
      returned to sheer
      evil and madness as much as we have never left it, continue to
      justify it,
      sadly continue to allow it and, now worse and mostly despicably
      than ever,
      there are those among us who arrogantly and boastfully
      celebrate in this
      evil, this sin, this despicable horror under some twisted guise
      freedom, choice, or a myriad of other distorted concoctions
      which can only
      be created in the mind of those possessed by Satan himself!

      Tragic Irony of Numbers

      Millions of innocent lives have been butchered since the
      infamous Roe
      v. Wade decision. American and world legal history is a clear
      lesson that
      legislation and legal decisions are as often the result of
      political initiatives and aggressive social agendas than as a
      function of
      justice and fairness. The Wade decision was no different.
      It was constructed by people with an agenda to install where
      truth, popular opinion, and reality had no place at the table.
      litigant is presently proclaiming that she was fooled and
      manipulated and
      is now Pro-Life.

      The Pro-Choice lobby and the media will have us believe
      that most
      Americans favor Pro-Choice positions and legislation when Zogby
      and other
      polls clearly show the opposite. They will argue that most
      Americans do
      not want bans on Partial-birth Abortions and are not concerned
      parental notification when minors seek abortions when the
      opposite is true
      on both issues. They will parade countless celebrities and
      inflate their
      number to create both the illusion that Pro-Choice is a
      majority view and
      the tired notion that what Hollywood thinks really matters,
      dictates, or
      even means anything to anyone with any thoughts in their head.

      The sad fact is that a few crazed Germans swept a society
      murdering innocent Jews and a few equally fanatical liberals
      and feminists
      are doing the same with abortion in this country. The sad fact
      is that
      just as this insane German minority used propaganda and
      intimidation to
      push their distorted view of the world across, this American
      minority uses
      its own rhetoric, propaganda, media support, and political
      intimidation to
      push its spin of sin on a nation which mostly has no taste for
      depraved soup these purveyors of perdition are cooking. Just
      as the case
      in Nazi Germany, it is not the actual numbers one has but
      rather how well
      placed and powerful the few numbers one has that matters.
      That is the true irony of the tragedy in this American
      Holocaust. An
      arrogant, pervasive few see themselves fit to dictate, to push,
      to inject
      their views on a relatively God-fearing majority.

      The Insolent Kettle

      Just as Nazis accused Jews and their supporters of every
      evil known
      to man and used these distortions to justify their twisted
      agenda, so too
      Pro-Choice forces accuse Pro-Lifers of being intolerant,
      radical, Fascist,
      arrogant, narrow-minded, terrorists out to enslave and imprison
      women and
      society forever. In reality, it is the Pro-Choice forces who
      violence, show disrespect, demonstrate vulgarity and crude
      proclaim arrogantly and boastfully, and practice every
      disgusting brand of
      conduct known to man!
      We have child murderers accusing priests of being child
      molesters, and
      political wives of sexual harassers and perverts accusing
      others of
      ignoring harassment and inciting perversion. We have people
      who demand
      the right to tear children apart accusing others of being
      violent and not
      respecting humanity, dignity, and life. We have people who
      proclaim their right hiding behind euphemisms and sweet-
      sounding spin to
      conceal the horror of both their beliefs and their practice.
      We have
      people who proclaim concerns for the health of the woman react
      angrily to
      photos of decapitated, mangled, and burned babies. These same
      declare the sincerity of their cause while concealing anything
      that cuts
      against it.

      If tearing up innocent babies is so right, if protecting a
      right to destroy her child is so noble, why do these fools
      conceal their
      evil in word, rhetoric and spin?
      If their cause is so just and moral, why do their spineless
      often declare that they are not in favor of the deed, but only
      the right
      to the deed…(?) These depraved people will accuse Christians
      Pro-Life groups of being terrorists, of pushing radical
      religious, moral
      and social views, when they are the ones pushing their own
      brand radical
      religion of selfishness, hatred, and arrogance on others.

      When Bush advisor Karen Hughes said that post 9/11 America
      life more than ever, Planned Parenthood president Gloria Feldt
      Feminist Majority President Eleanor Smeal both accused her
      comments of
      being "cynical, ugly, mean-spirited, divisive, and demeaning"
      to both the
      9/11 families and to those supporting reproductive health and
      rights. The truth is, the horror of this institutionalized,
      depraved evil is no less detestable than the acts of 9/11. The
      distortions and arrogant assertions of these people cannot and
      will not
      survive the light of divine justice and common reason.

      Mindless Minions Led By Evil Manipulators

      The atrocities of the Jewish Holocaust were created by
      evil, amoral
      ghouls at the head of mindless or vulnerable minions. So, too,
      atrocities of the American Holocaust have been created by
      arrogant, evil people at the head of groups, lobbies,
      institutions, and
      movements who manipulate and gain at the expense of vulnerable,
      lost women. Research has shown that most women seek abortions
      they see no other way out. Instead of seeking ways to help the
      women they
      claim to be concerned about, these parasites merely suck money
      out of
      them, throw them back to a life of depression, cancer, and/or
      and seek more victims to gain from.

      Unjustified Evil

      Regardless of what spin these forces give to this grave,
      sin, it is a sin nonetheless. Regardless of what distortions
      and lies
      these people inflict upon vulnerable victims, the truth stands
      firm as
      they wallow further from it daily. Regardless of what pathetic
      justifications and illusions these people create to paint their
      evil as
      noble, it remains evil. There is no more justification,
      or right to butcher innocents than there was in the
      concentration camps.
      There is no more explanation, spin, or analysis needed to
      examine this
      detestable crime than there was on 9/11. Censorship, fraud,
      distortions of the Constitution aside, abortion is evil, and
      there is no
      way that defending some twisted right will justify it.

      Just as in Nazi Germany, evil will seek to rationalize and
      yet history will always reveal evil for what it is. In the
      tragic march
      for murder one merely saw perdition leading confusion to a
      hellish end. A
      crime with the most innocent of victims and additional
      victimized women
      has its blood in the hands of those who would denounce
      humanity, decency,
      and life in the name of their own distorted gods as ancients
      once did.
      The most utter irony of this "Pro-choice" movement, however, is
      that is
      exactly accomplishing its end. Its supporters and advocates
      "choosing" their own fate and destiny amid innocent cries for
      Ultimately, the God they denounce, mock, defame, or distort
      will practice
      His own brand of choice!

      Gabriel Garnica can be reached at:

      For more information see:

      Visit the Catholic Information Net at:
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