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Abortion Practitioner George Tiller May Have Botched Another Abortion

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  • Steven Ertelt
    Abortion Practitioner George Tiller May Have Botched Another Abortion by Steven Ertelt LifeNews.com Editor June 2, 2005 Wichita, KS (LifeNews.com) -- Late-term
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      Abortion Practitioner George Tiller May Have Botched Another

      by Steven Ertelt
      LifeNews.com Editor
      June 2, 2005

      Wichita, KS (LifeNews.com) -- Late-term abortion practitioner
      George Tiller has been accused of botching another abortion as he
      rushed a woman to a local hospital Wednesday morning. This is the
      fourth time women from Tiller's Kansas abortion business have
      been taken to a local hospital, and Killer is accused of killing
      at least two women. Protesters outside Tiller's Women's Health
      Care Services abortion facility Wednesday morning saw the
      abortion practitioner hurry to the Wesley Medical Center at
      approximately 8:30 AM, still wearing surgical scrubs from the
      morning's abortions.

      Moments earlier, a green suburban exiting the abortion facility
      carried a woman in the back seat with her head covered with a
      jacket. The vehicle drove directly to Wesley's emergency room.

      "She was slumped down in the back seat, but I saw her head pop up
      as soon as the vehicle turned the corner," one of the protesters
      watching the scene said.

      Tiller normally takes patients suffering from abortion
      complications to Wesley and he left the medical center at about
      10:20 AM, without the patient who had been brought there.

      On January 13, a woman died after having an abortion at Tiller's
      facility. Another woman apparently died as the result of a
      botched abortion in February and an ambulance visited Tiller's
      abortion business in May, though what happened to the patient in
      that instance is unknown.

      Governor Kathleen Sebelius, who has twice vetoed bills to
      increase health and safety standards at Kansas abortion
      facilities, asked the Kansas Board of Healing Arts to investigate
      the January abortion death.

      Fearing the legislation she vetoed could have spared the woman's
      life, in a memo to the agency, she asked for the BOHA's
      "determination of whether H.B. 2176, passed by the 2003
      legislature would have in any way mitigated or prevented the
      patient's death."

      Mary Kay Culp of Kansans for Life contends the bill could have
      prevented the woman's death.

      "[W]e believe the Abortion Clinic Licensing bill could have
      mitigated or prevented the recent death of a woman in a Wichita
      abortion clinic," Culp said.

      Culp says Sebelius' concern about women's health and safety at
      Kansas abortion facilities is too late in coming.

      "Governor Sebelius' veto ignored the legislature's informed
      recognition of the desperate need for effective regulation of
      Kansas abortion clinics, and for that she should be held
      accountable," Culp explained.

      Part of Sebelius' reason for vetoing the bill may have had to do
      with politics.

      Culp's group points out that Tiller's Pro Kan Do Political Action
      Committee and his abortion business donated more than $20,000 to
      her campaigns between 1994 and 2002. In 2003, Tiller lobbied
      strongly against passage of the abortion facility regulation

      "Kathleen Sebelius is protecting the abortion industry and her
      donors, not women," Culp concluded.

      Last month the Kansas House of Representatives failed by two
      votes to override the governor's veto of the Women's Health
      Protection Act, which would have required inspections of abortion
      clinics by the Kansas Department of Health.

      It would also require the reporting of serious injuries within
      ten days and deaths within 24 hours.

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