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Please Vote in New Poll (Kerry currently ahead)

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    The letter below is what convinced me to vote for Peroutka in November. Please vote in the new poll at http://www.futurevanguard.com Kerry is currently ahead
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 5, 2004
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      The letter below is what convinced me to vote for Peroutka in
      November. Please vote in the new poll at
      Kerry is currently ahead in the poll.

      June 1, 2004

      Dear Friends of the Constitutional Republic,

      I was recently quoted in an article on WorldNetDaily.com as
      suggesting that abortion could be ended on the first day in office by
      a President who was committed to ending this national disgrace. I
      pointed out that what is lacking in Washington is not the tools to
      end abortion but the commitment of a President to do so.

      As part of my answer, I said that I would issue an executive order
      declaring the personhood of the unborn, from the moment of
      conception, and that I would appoint U.S. Attorneys who would enforce
      the Constitutional provision that no person be deprived of life,
      liberty or property without due process of law.

      In response to this, I received an excellent question from a man
      named Bryan, asking, in light of the Constitution Party's opposition
      to the use of Executive Orders to make law or otherwise usurp
      Constitutional authority, "How does Mr. Peroutka purpose to do
      this? ... I'd really hate for us to start sounding hypocritical this
      early in the game let alone at all."

      I would like to address this question and to clarify my position.

      While I am certainly not in favor of the misuse of executive orders
      as a backdoor way to "make" law, I do believe that lawful policy
      directives from the Chief Executive to Executive Branch personnel
      (those under his lawful authority), which do not make new law nor
      create any new responsibilities nor place any new penalties or
      restrictions on citizens, can be the proper subject of an executive
      order. For example, an order to lower the flag to half mast at all
      executive branch buildings to honor a fallen hero would be the proper
      use of an executive order. It applies only to the executive branch
      and does not place any obligation on the people nor usurp the power
      of any other branch.

      Similarly, an executive order declaring the personhood of the unborn
      for the purpose of the Executive Branch, would not violate the
      appropriate purpose of such orders and would clarify that the holding
      in Roe v. Wade will not be enforced upon any state by the Executive
      (law enforcement) Branch. Such a declaration does not make new law
      but simply declares the decision of the Supreme Court in Roe to be
      just what it is, a judicial ruling that binds only Roe and Wade and
      no one else, including federal or state law enforcement.

      In addition, federal prosecutors would be instructed, within the
      scope of their limited Constitutional authority, to investigate and
      prosecute those who have or provide abortions.

      Moreover, while no action of any President or any branch of
      government can actually stop a mother from murdering her child, I
      believe a significant chilling effect upon the murder of innocents
      can be achieved by a President who is determined and committed to do
      everything in his constitutional power to punish (or remove the
      barriers upon the states to punish) those who kill or those who aid
      or abet the killing of America's precious children.

      My point was, and is, that I am committed to stopping all abortion in
      America and would act accordingly, including cutting off
      unconstitutional funding for Planned Parenthood and other
      organizations which promote murder, the cessation of stem-cell
      research and the distribution of RU-486.

      Lastly, I have pledged to veto all funding for abortion, here or

      For God, Family and the Republic,

      Michael A. Peroutka
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