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  • keb_bb
    >> And you can take the load of crap about extorting money and shove it where ever you wish! Ah, you might not like my choice; ponder
    Message 1 of 18372 , Dec 1, 2001
      >> And you can take the load of crap about
      extorting <br>money and shove it where ever you wish!
      <br><br><br>Ah, you might not like my choice; ponder before
      making such wild invitations.<br><br>And what shall I do
      with the part about denying pain relief to the
      indigent dying?<br><br>... Did you happen to think that
      you'd said something to refute the known facts that
      you're suggesting should be shoved
      somewhere?<br><br>Facts ... <a href=http://www.nybooks.com/articles/1310 target=new>http://www.nybooks.com/articles/1310</a> (do read
      the whole thing, eh?)<br><br>[Christopher Hitchens:]
      In my book, The Missionary Position:Mother Teresa In
      Theory and Practice, I provide evidence that Mother
      Teresa has consoled and supported the rich and powerful,
      allowing them all manner of indulgence, while preaching
      obedience and resignation to the poor. In a classic recent
      instance of what I mean�an instance that occurred too late
      for me to mention it�she told the April 1996 Ladies'
      Home Journal that her new friend Princess Diana would
      be better off when free of her marriage. ("It is
      good that it is over. Nobody was happy anyhow.") When
      Mother Teresa said this, she had only just finished
      advising the Irish electorate to vote "No" in a national
      referendum that proposed the right of civil divorce and
      remarriage. (That vote, quite apart from its importance in
      separating Church from State in the Irish Republic, had an
      obvious bearing on the vital discussion between Irish
      Catholics and Protestants as to who shall make law in a
      possible future cooperative island that is threatened by
      two kinds of Christian fundamentalism.)<br><br>(lucky
      Diana; she was rich, so the rules didn't apply to
      her)<br><br>... Was his Jesus ever responsible for anything like
      Mother Teresa's visit to the Duvaliers in Haiti, where
      she hymned the love of Baby Doc and his wife for the
      poor, and the reciprocal love of the poor for Baby Doc
      and his wife? <br>(Baby Doc Duvalier made his
      personal fortune off a corrupt national lottery -- the
      money of the poor -- and was eventually driven from the
      country that he and his father had ruined)<br><br>... Did
      he ever accept a large subvention of money, as did
      Mother Teresa from Charles Keating, [a savings and loan
      criminal] knowing it to have been stolen from small and
      humble savers? <br><br>... On my related points�that
      Mother Teresa makes no real effort at medical or social
      relief, and that her mission is religious and
      propagandistic and includes surreptitious baptism of unbelievers
      � I notice that Mr. Leys enters no serious dissent.
      It is he and not I who chooses to compare
      surreptitious baptism to the sincere and loving gesture of an
      innocent "cannibal" (his term) bestowing a fetish. Not all
      that inexact as a parallel, perhaps�except that the
      "cannibal" is not trying to
      proselytize.<br>________________<br><br>Why babe ... he could have been talking to you
    • lassoladye
      ... was. Libel, anyone? MM It would only be libel if I said you did it. Read the post again.
      Message 18372 of 18372 , Feb 9, 2002
        --- In abortiondebaters@y..., mikemcveybox234 wrote:
        > I wasn't the one who altered LoanBigot's profile anymore than Bratt
        was.<br><br>Libel, anyone?<br><br>MM

        It would only be libel if I said you did it. Read the post again.
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