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  • Rich Martin
    SUPREME COURT JUSTICE CONCEALED ASSETS It is this type of media mal-practice that has allowed our political institutions to become corrupt. With such
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      It is this type of media mal-practice that has allowed our political institutions to become corrupt.
      With such corruption at the top, respect for
      lower courts are diminished as well.
      Putting a person who has such disrespect for the rule of law on the top rung of our judicial
      system is a stain on both the media and the U.S. Judicial system that's not easily corrected.

      For all practical purposes, this blight will remain part of the Judiciary for a few more decades.
      Even an all-Republican govt would hesitate to oust the first female Hispanic on SCOTUS.

      Google --->  Sotomayor concealed assets

      (Remember the good old days when an active press led to the removal of a Justice of the

      Supreme Court for working with President LBJ to help fashion legislation so it would pass
      Constitutional muster?)

      More proof: the Constitution has lost its effectiveness and needs an upgrade.

      It is one more example of politically-correct driven decisions that can only be rectified
      by the states convening an Article V Convention.

      Another judicial decision being ignored
      Second appeals court invalidates Obama's
      NLRB recess …
      POLITICO10 days ago
      Second appeals court invalidates Obama's NLRB ... appointments to the
      National Labor Relations
      Board were ... allowed to form a union by one such NLRB ...

      And speaking of political correctness, I wonder, is it still permissible to say
      God Bless America in America?

      Or is it just banned from the govt public schools?

      Here's details of the should-be scandal covered -up by the MSM

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      Subj: [Agroupdiscussionforum] Re: [JAIL-Legal-Discussions]
      Trifecta of Distrust:
      IRS, Benghazi, and the President’s cover-up of the
      concealment of assets of his first Supreme Court nominee
      >In the context of the IRS Scandal and the Benghazi Scandal
      >the investigation of the suspicion raised by
      >The New York Times, The Washington Post, and Politico
      >that President Obama’s first nominee to the Supreme Court,
      >Then-Judge Sotomayor, had concealed assets
      >can have the gravest consequences, including
      >calls for their resignation or impeachment, and
      >the first-ever investigation of the Federal Judiciary

      >Dr. Richard Cordero, Esq.
      >Judicial Discipline Reform
      >Dr.Richard.Cordero.Esq@gmail. com
      >New York City

      >The IRS and the Benghazi scandals have gripped the NATIONAL public’s attention and, as a result, have given journalists a market incentive to investigate them further. Underlying both scandals is a common query:

      >Is there a pattern of President Obama covering up wrongdoing by him, his administration, or those whom he wants to nominate to high office? Cf. http://Judicial-Discipline- Reform.org/OL/DrRCordero- Honest_Jud_Advocates.pdf>jur:111fn249.

      >In fact, this pattern began early on in his first term when he nominated for cabinet positions known tax cheats Tim Geithner, Tom Daschle, and Nancy Killefer, none of whom were confirmed; id. >jur:65§1.

      >Subsequently, media outlets of superior credibility and even said to be liberal and Democrat-leaning, namely, The New York Times, The Washington Post, and Politico, suspected the President’s first nominee to the Supreme Court, Then-Judge, Now-Justice, Sotomayor, of concealing assets of her own;jur:65fn107a.

      >This begs a question that entered our political discourse when the Watergate scandal, which led to the resignation of President Nixon on August 9, 1974, brought it to the attention of the NATIONAL public and that today can guide journalists in yet another investigation after being rephrased thus:

      >What did President Obama know
      >through the FBI vetting of Then-Judge Sotomayor about her concealment of assets, and
      >when did he know it? jur:77§5

      >The President knew, jur:90§§b-c, or by exercising due diligence before making a nomination for life-appointment to the Supreme Court should have known of the evidence of J. Sotomayor’s concealment of assets. He only had to list the salary that she had earned as a public officer and compare it with the assets and liabilities that she declared under oath, jur:65§107b-c, and then wonder, as did The New York Times, The Washington Post, and Politico: Where did her money go?!

      >The evidence of her concealment of assets disqualified her as a judge, not to mention as a justiceship nominee, because it revealed her failure of a fundamental requirement for judges: ‘to avoid even the appearance of impropriety’, jur:68fn123a. This failure forced Supreme Court Justice Abe Fortas to resign on May 14, 1969, after Life magazine revealed his money improprieties, id. >jur:92§d. By contrast, concealment of assets, whether to avoid taxes or hide the unlawful origin of money, is a crime; dcc:13fn27.

      >Knowing of her concealment of assets, the President intentionally saddled the American public for the next 20, 30, or more years of J. Sotomayor’s justiceship with a dishonest person who was unqualified to say the law that she had violated by concealing assets and who had to continue violating the law by not declaring such assets, lest she incriminate herself, jur:68§3.

      >The President had a powerful motive to cover up J. Sotomayor’s concealment of assets: To gain political capital by ingratiating himself with Hispanic voters who wanted a Hispanic on the Supreme Court. He violated the public trust that he appealed to when he falsely vouched for her honesty and qualifications and asked the public to support his nominee.

      >In the context of the suspected cover-up in the IRS and the Benghazi scandal, President Obama’s cover-up of the evidence of J. Sotomayor’s concealment of assets confirms a pattern: for political gain, he covers up his and other people’s wrongdoing. It completes a trifecta of distrust.

      >The distrust that this cover-up can engender is of greater gravity because, unlike in the other two scandals, the President personally vouched for Then-Judge Sotomayor’s honesty and qualifications. It warrants the call by the public and journalists for him to release the FBI vetting report on J. Sotomayor.

      >The trifecta of distrust justifies the search by journalists for the whereabouts of J. Sotomayor’s concealed assets. In so doing, they will gain a competitive advantage by joining forces with a media outlet that after a 15-month investigation of 2.5 million financial documents leaked to it, known as the Offshore Leaks, has developed unparalleled expertise, including techniques, software, and contacts, in conducting off- and onshore Follow the money! investigations, namely, the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists.

      >They are headquartered at the Center for Public Integrity in Washington, D.C. This is their contact information:

      >ICIJ Director Gerard Ryle: gryle@...
      >ICIJ Deputy Director Marina Walker: mwalker@...
      >CPI Director Bill Buzenberg: dbetts@...
      >tel. 1(202)466-1300.

      >For the physical address of, and links to, ICIJ and CPI, and a concrete proposal to them for joint publication and investigation of evidence, and an academic and business venture, see http://Judicial-Discipline- Reform.org/OL/DrRCordero- Honest_Jud_Advocates.pdf>ol:1.

      >The journalist and the managing editor who start the process of highlighting to ultimately the NATIONAL public the trifecta of distrust completed by President Obama’s cover-up of J. Sotomayor’s concealment of assets can have a far-reaching public impact:

      >1. launch a Watergate-like generalized Follow the money! search for J. Sotomayor’s concealed assets; jur:4¶¶10-14;

      >2. set off the first-ever media investigation of the means, motive, and opportunity, jur:21§§1-3, that enable justices and judges to conceal assets in spite of their duty, jur:65fn107d, to file annual financial disclosure reports, jur:105fn213; and

      >3. exacerbate public distrust far beyond what the other two scandals already have and to the point of prompting calls for the resignation or impeachment of both President Obama and Justice Sotomayor and other judges as well as for an overhaul of the Federal Judiciary, jur:158§§6-8.

      >For the journalist and managing editor that set in motion this investigative bandwagon there are substantial moral and material rewards, ol:3§6, including becoming known to a grateful NATIONAL public as Champions of the Public Trust.

      >Dare trigger history! id. >dcc:11
      >****************************** *************
      How it was reported
      http://devvy.net/cgi-bin/dada/ mail.cgi/r/alerts/ 464423883465/

      Google ---> Judge Sotomayor, had concealed assets

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