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The Scientific Patriot Iss 30 Vol 1 Liberal Myths behind "Jobs moving Overseas"

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  • Ron May
    Sex and the The City will Feature Guest Stars Hillary and Chelsea in a brand new episode to show Thursday at 8 pm EST. Prime Time Moaning expected to raise
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 1, 2004
      Sex and the The City will Feature Guest Stars Hillary and Chelsea in
      a brand new episode to show Thursday at 8 pm EST. Prime Time
      Moaning expected to raise Millions at Upper East Side, New York City
      fundraisers. Drudge Reportt. Developing ..........

      It's a Frequent refrain of O'Reilly and the rest of the
      Liberal News Media. American Jobs are moving overseas. It's a
      frequent refrain of the talking heads. Americans need more Health
      Care. It's a frequent refrain of the propaganda specialists.
      America needs to give more money to the Teacher Unions and the rest
      of the Government Unions. It's a frequent refrain of the Liberal
      News networks. Business is the Enemy and profit is evil.

      Night after night, Union Blowhards like Lou Dobbs and Bill
      O'Reilly are "Shocked! , Shocked! to discover yet another company has
      decided to move elsewhere. Uneducated Union Thugs turned
      Broadcaster have no clue how America's World Leading Economy was
      created in the first place. To understand why, how, and where
      America's economic growth is fleeing to other pastures it is
      important to understand why, how and when America created it's

      America's economic course was set when the Pilgrims gave
      up the Communal system after the first winter. From that day
      forward, rugged individualism, and personal freedom flourished in an
      environment of limited government and Christian Virtue. It is
      America where innovation, invention, and economic growth have fueled,
      fed and led the rest of Civilization. European Jobs, European
      Capital, European Innovation came to America leaving the Royal Houses
      of Europe behind and in the ashcan of History.

      America's industries were created because and when
      America was much more free and much more loving of Builders, Free
      Enterprise and Capitalists. America's industries were created when
      America's ruling class was the common people and the common people
      revered the one true Christian God. Today, the National Teacher
      Unions, the Liberal Media, and the rest of the Government Unions
      teach that business is evil, propaganize that business is evil and
      dictate that business pay extortion and confiscatory tax rates. The
      same liberals are shocked! shocked! that businesses like Bethlehem
      Steel are no more or are seeking other pastures. It surely is
      unfortunate that the average Union member learns the hard way that
      businesses can be sabotaged, robbed, and extorted from with equal or
      greater efficiency in a foreign nation. It's a bitter point of
      contention among political parties which businesses should pay how
      much taxes. In the long history of Man, it is no invention that
      producers should have to pay extortion and protection money to the
      local police barracks (for example the Gun-Misplacing and BODY
      Misplacing Keystone Kops) the local government and etcetera. When
      Europe's Serfs realized they could come to America and be free of
      Europe's constricting and Tyrannical Royalty they flocked to
      America's shores in search of Freedom and Prosperity if not for
      themselves for their children. If America's biggest dreamers,
      biggest perserverers are in search of freedom elsewhere it is because
      America has a new royalty. It is a Royalty of Tyranny, the Royalty
      of Constricting Beaurocracy , the Numbing Royal Stupidity of Inbred
      Nespotic Government Officials and the Outrage of Royally Unjust

      By what right does Government seize half of all gains
      from Business? By what right does government pay to make up for the
      losses of its stupid and selected vassals? By what right does
      government retax the distribution of all gains from investors,
      builders and pioneers? Boy Clinton and the Whore that would Roar
      Hillary Clinton would say Government seizes taxes, withholds taxes
      and seizes taxes, and withholds taxes, and seizes taxes and withholds
      taxes in order to redistribute it. In the Long History of Mankind,
      Royalty, Taxes, and Death to those who speak against them are not a
      new invention. The Clintons, the modern Democrats, and Liberal
      Republicans offer the world's oldest professions in a new form -- BIG
      GOVERNMENT BEAUROCRACY. "Royal Prostitution, Royal Taxation,
      Royal Tyranny and Royal Inbreeding are nothing new. Distorting
      America and The Spin Zone by building a wall to PIONEERS, BUILDERS
      and ENTERPRENEURS is truly a communist ideal.

      The Future and the New Ideas are Limited Government,
      the Representative Republic and a Nation under a Christian
      God. Isn't it about time the Nations Largest Monopolies of
      Teacher Unions and the rest of the Criminal Government Unions were
      broken into little pieces?

      "America is that Shining City on a Hill." -RONALD REAGAN
      "If Liberals were merely stupid, the laws of probability would
      dictate that part of their decisions would serve American
      Interests!" From TREASON by Ann Coulter

      Have A Nice Day! :)
      America is a Christian Nation! :)
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