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Joining forces to expose judges’ unaccountability and consequent r

† > OL2:426§C ), this email has them or any other formatting oddity,kindly overlook them and send a note to Dr.Richard.Cordero_Esq @ verizon.net ,
Dr.Richard Cordero, Esq.
May 10

A for-profit business plan for exposing how judges self-exempt from

NOTE: If in spite of all the effort to circumvent the glitch in software or interference with communications that creates “ joinedwords ” in Dr.
Dr.Richard Cordero, Esq.
Apr 18

How Judge Neil Gorsuch and his peers dismiss 99.83% of complaints ag

Justiceship Nominee Neil Gorsuch reportedly said that: « An attack on one of our brothers and sisters of the robe is an attack on all of us». Guided by that
Dr.Richard Cordero, Esq.
Mar 28

Fwd: How the Women?s March, Day without Women participants & the Dis

G. The President Obama-Justice Sotomayor story and the Follow the money! investigation . What did President Barak Obama (*> jur:77§5 ), Sen. Chuck Schumer and
Dr.Richard Cordero, Esq.
Mar 22

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