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DISGUSTINGLY CRUEL -- Outlaw the practice of horse wrestling 'La Rapa Das Bestas' in Spanish festivals --LTR &EMAIL SAMPLE......PLEASE SEND!!!!

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    To: niet-openbare ontvangers:
    Subject: Outlaw the practice of horse wrestling 'La Rapa Das Bestas' in Spanish festivals
    Petition to confirm : https://www.lapetition.be/en-ligne/La-Rapa-Das-Bestas-festivite-d-un-peuple-barbare-et-decadent-11719.html

    Is there anyone who has the email-address ?

    To :

    President of the Government of Spain, Mariano Rajoy Brey

    Dear President Mariano Rajoy Brey,

    I would like to draw your attention to the Rapa Das Bestas, the Spanish Horse Wrestling festival, held in Galicia every july. This is an event where some 600-700 horses, including stallions, mares and foals, are brutally wrestled down. The festival allegedly dates back to the Bronze Age, and was a demonstration of the village's independence, strength, and virility. Today, this is simply a primitive and barbaric festival that only demonstrates a lack of respect for animals and animal welfare.

    Even though animals are not slaughtered during the festival, many horses do get injured, whether it is as a consequence of the horse wrestling, or a result of being confined in large masses in small spaces during the event.
    Cutting of the horses' manes and tails is unnecessary, as it removes the horses' natural defenses from flying insects.

    If a horse must be tagged, it can be done humanely and in a noninvasive manner. There is no reason that these creatures should suffer trauma because due to “tradition.” In addition to the stress of being wrestled to the ground by humans, the close-quartered nature of the event forces these animals to rebel against another out of anxiety, inflicting bites and wounds.

    You claim that it does not involve cruelty, simply because it does not involve killing. Horses are traumatized in the process. It might not be your intention to harm or kill the horse, but all this animal experiences is being chased down, brutally manhandled and forced to the ground. The vets and officials present cannot prevent the
    unnecessary distress and fear these animals go through.

    The celebrated tradition of Rapa das Bestas must be altered in order to comply with standards of humanity in today’s modern culture.
    It is unacceptable that humans chase after hundreds of wild animals for sport and subject them to suffering and torment merely for pleasure.

    I urge you to outlaw the invasive practice of horse wrestling and encourage the people of Spain to instead revere and respect wild animals.
    You consider this a noble tradition ? There is nothing noble in taking advantage of sentient beings and putting them through such horrors. That it is a tradition doesn't mean that it still needs to take place.


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