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5Software That Sets Landlords Free From Work Related Burdens

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  • Jay
    Nov 14, 2012

      My dad has been a landlord for several years now, and I often hear him complain about those tenants who do not pay on time. There were even some who just left the house without notifying him and whose identity could not be traced anymore. That is why when I heard about Rentec Direct that provides a landlord software, I immediately bought one for dad. He just called me today to tell that such a software is really great as it helps him monitor his property as well as his tenants and it allows him to do complete screening of prospective tenants. It is indeed a big help for him. 

      So to all landlords out there, set yourselves free from tenant-related problems. Call Rentec Direct at (800) 881-5139 or log on to Rental Software