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Fwd: P.O.R.K. in Dexter again, 10/4/09

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  • Sandy Hubar
    This was great last time Its beautiful at the farm and room to dance Hope to see you there sandy Hey can someone put this on facebook? thanks sandy ... Say,
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 1, 2009
      This was great last time Its beautiful at the farm and room to dance
      Hope to see you there
      Hey can someone put this on facebook?
      >>> Christopher Smith <cdsmith68@...> 9/25/2009 11:03 AM >>>

      Say, Folks-

      On September 13th, we played a dance at the Warner-Welford barn in
      Dexter. You may remember a note about this. Well, the evening was a
      SPECTACULAR success. It was one of those occasions where "a good time
      was definitely had by all."

      So, due to popular demand, and to keep ourselves musically active while
      we are in this Period of Uncertainty, we have agreed to play the barn
      again- on October 4th!

      BAND: Phil Ogilvie's Rhythm Kings (P.O.R.K.)
      WHEN: Sunday, October 4, 5:00-8:00--our regular day and time.
      WHERE: Robin Warner-Helen Welford Ballroom Barn, 4222 Dexter Townhall
      Road, Dexter, MI 48103 (Directions and parking instructions below)--
      not so regular place.

      Those of you who have been to the Warner-Welford barn on an occasion
      when the Rhythm Kings have played know that the band sounds great
      there and that the hosts have floored it for dancing. So calling it
      "the ballroom" is not much of a stretch.

      There are enough chairs for about 40 people, and we will see about
      borrowing more. But it would be helpful if attendees could bring
      folding chairs just so we know we'll have enough. There will also be
      several card tables arranged to approximate the elegant Waldorf
      Astoria-type horseshoe-surrounding-the-dance-floor seating we see in
      the old movies. There will also be blankets for floor sitting for the
      younger set if need be. But please: no roughhousing except at
      designated times.

      ADMISSION, sort of: There'll be a bucket/bin/trough/kitty/vat/urn
      into which you can put a donation. Whatever is raised will go to the
      band, as does the admission at the door of the club.

      PROGRAM: Still a bit malleable at this time, so if you have faves in
      the Rhythm Kings repertoire, let Jim-- jdapogny@... --know what
      you'd like to hear and he'll try to work them in. But he will be
      making out a program with frequent requests in it so he may hit 75% of

      them anyway.

      RESERVATIONS: Not necessary, but it would be helpful if those planning

      to come, with or without others tagging along, would let Jim--
      jdapogny@...-- know about how many to expect.
      Yes, RSVP---- just to help us be ready for you!

      Last time we had WAY more people show up than had RSVP'd.......

      REFRESHMENTS: People should bring their own food and drink, crockery,
      napery and cutlery. The Rhythm Kings, as usual, will supply the

      We hope to see everyone within the sound of this email message. And
      please let Jim know if you plan to come.


      Chris Smith

      P.O.R.K. Bus Driver

      DIRECTIONS: to 4222 Dexter Townhall Rd., Dexter, MI 48130 (Home of
      Helen Welford and Robin Warner, 734-426-0241. Almost 14 miles from
      the Firefly.)
      From Ann Arbor: Take Huron St. west to the Jackson - Dexter fork.
      Take Dexter Rd. approx 9 miles to Dexter. Go through Dexter, under
      the railroad bridge and to the traffic light. Take the lefthand fork
      which is Island Lake Rd. (Jenny's Farm Market will be on your right as

      you go by). Continue almost three miles to Dexter Townhall Rd., which
      deadends into Island Lake. Turn right onto Dexter Townhall. The huge
      barn one field from the corner is THE BARN; turn into the field at the

      “park here” sign on the near (south) side of the barn to reach the

      parking area in the field you've just gone by. Walk back across the
      drive and through the hedge to follow the path to the back and the
      stairs going to the second floor “ballroom”. Or look for a sign
      indicating a cut through from the parking field through the orchard to

      the stairs at the back of the barn which lead up to the "ballroom".

      From points south and east: Take I-94 west to the Baker Rd. (and
      Dexter) exit. Turn right and continue until Baker Rd. deadends into
      Main St. in Dexter. Turn left onto Main St. and follow the above
      directions (beginning with going under the railroad bridge).

      From points north: Take US 23 to the North Territorial Rd. exit.
      Turn right from the exit and go about 12 miles to Dexter Townhall Rd.
      (it has a blinking light and is the first main road a couple of miles
      after the light at Pinckney Rd). Turn left onto Dexter Townhall and
      keep going, past Fleming Rd, until you see the barn (if you get to
      Island Lake, you've gone too far). Turn into the driveway on the far
      side of the barn and up to the parking area (see above).

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