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Sat Night - ALBERTA ADAMS - live blues + dance floor! - Guy Hollerin's (A2)

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  • Carol Shepherd
    Who s up for some Saturday night live blues for dancing, for $3? ... ALBERTA ADAMS + RJ S RHYTHM ROCKERS DETROIT IS MY HOME CD RECORD RELEASE PARTY Alberta
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 1, 2008
      Who's up for some Saturday night live blues for dancing, for $3?




      Alberta Adams is at Guy Hollerin's this Saturday. $3.00!!!
      This is a CD release party for "Detroit Is My Home." She
      pairs with local notables Mr. B, Al Hill, and Ann Rabson
      with Saffire on the CD.

      Alberta Adams started out the Saturday nights at Guy Hollerin's
      a month ago -- she sold out the house. There were more Detroit
      musicians in the audience than on stage!

      How many 90-year-olds do we know releasing a new CD? (Mental note:
      we need to get Alberta and Frankie Manning together....)

      Last week was fun -- Lady Sunshine and the X Band put out a tight
      3 hours of blues and funk and we represented. We all rocked out
      the floor with some lindy and blues dancing and improvisational-
      type west coast. (The TallGuy had a jaw-dropping lindy with
      a half-empty floor in the last set--I'm sure he was aware that he
      had an audience of about ten lady admirers ;) Shoutout to William
      for coming out with his lady to round out the group.

      If you like seeing people stare in awe at your mad skillz, this is
      the place to show off and make new converts to our efforts at
      world dance domination. Or just enjoy the music and bop up and
      down with the rest of the folks in the dancing crowd.

      The crowds have been awesome and there is usually a line to
      get in by 9:30. For this Saturday, WEMU was suggesting to come
      at 8:00PM if you want a table...definitely right by 9 if you want
      to get in.

      LOCAL BLUES AND LOCAL BREWS: In conjuction with Ann Arbor Brewing
      Company and Eastern Michigan's own WEMU Guy Hollerin's presents our
      Local Blues and Local Brews music program on Saturday nights. Music
      and dancing start at 9:00pm and the cover charge is $3.00 per

      APRIL 2008
      Sat Apr 05 - Alberta Adams with RJ's Rhythm Rockers
      Sat Apr 12 - Jimmy McCarty and Night Train
      Sat Apr 19 - Jerry Mack and the Terraplanes
      Sat Apr 26 - The Al Hill Band
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