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-> TONIGHT: The BELLFURIES are in town.......PIG GIG !!!

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  • David Thomas Rice
    Hey hey HEY! It s finally October 1st! Tonight is the night for some uptempo Texas pop-a-billy swing! Motorbilly Productions is proud to present: THE
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 1, 2002
      Hey hey HEY!

      It's finally October 1st! Tonight is the night for some uptempo Texas
      pop-a-billy swing! Motorbilly Productions is proud to present:

      THE BELLFURIES! Joey and his boys will be rolling into "Tree City"
      (the "Peoples Republic Of Ann Arbor" to you and me!) to perform tonight,
      Tuesday, Oct. 1st at the Blind Pig. It's an early show with open dancing
      directly before the live entertainment. I'll be on hand early (doors at
      7:00 with dance music right away) and will keep spinning right until 9:15
      p.m. or so when THE BELLFURIES will finally take the stage. If you haven't
      heard the guy's brilliant blend of 60's "pop" with traditional-styled
      rockabilly and primitive honkytonk, well brother, you're in for a treat!
      One of the most talked about and beloved acts to come out of the roots
      rock scene in recent years, come and see/hear what all the fuss is about!
      Their debut album "Just Plain Lonesome" has just been certified 'Double
      Copper' and the hits just keep on a comin'! Seriously though, get set for
      a wonderful evening of catchy, hummable and danceable tunes from this
      appealing Texas trio.

      CHEAP COVER: only $5.00 kids! You probably spent more than 5 bucks at
      White Castle -just on your OWN food!

      EARLY SHOW: don't worry about falling asleep and driving into the ditch
      -the band will be onstage early so you can have a beer and still be home
      in time to tuck the kids into bed!

      BAND BUZZ: these guys are great and you'll be able to say "I saw them at a
      small bar in Ann Arbor way back when....."!

      EXERCISE: burn calories by tapping your toes, swingin' your partner around
      the dance floor, jawin' with your pals and lifting cold beers to your

      DANCING: I'll bring out the new turntables and spin nothing but dancer's
      favorites before the show! Here's a super chance to get a couple-three
      solid hours of dancing in on a Tuesday night -Whoo HOO!

      The BELLFURIES <http://www.thebellfuries.com/>
      Tuesday, October 1st, 2002
      W/sg DJ Del Villarreal
      $5.00 cover, 18+, Doors @7:30
      BLIND PIG, 208 S. 1st St.,
      Downtown Ann Arbor, MI

      Formed in 1998, Austin's BELLFURIES quickly became a popular fixture on
      the city's live music circuit thanks to their stripped-down
      instrumentation and the song writing skills of Cleveland, Ohio-born lead
      singer/rhythm guitarist Joey Simeone. A fan of both 1950's rockabilly and
      British Invasion-era pop music, Simeone has tempered his influences into
      an appealing set of songs that, on the bandstand, sound right at home next
      to the odd punk rock cover. Don't let the groups' lighthearted approach
      fool you, however; the BELLFURIES can provide plenty of instrumental
      firepower to match their leaders vocal prowess. Upright bassist Josh
      Williams (MARTI BROM) provides an un-relenting rhythm backdrop for the
      Chet Atkins-meets-the Smiths stylings of Beaumont, TX's own Bobby Horton
      (The HORTON BROTHERS, producer of NICK CURRAN). Together the trio produces
      a sound much greater than the sum of their parts, and with the release of
      their debut CD "Just Plain Lonesome," (on ASP Records) threaten to
      accomplish what purists say is impossible; an improvement on the original
      rockabilly formula that retains a broad appeal.

      Wear your dancin' boots and meet the gang next TUESDAY nite at the Blind
      Pig in Ann Arbor, MI!

      See ya there!

      - Del Villarreal
      " Go Kat, GO! "
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