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TWCX Accomodations

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  • Michael Wagner
    The TWCX (Toronto West Coast eXchange) is only a month away! Just imagine! 24 hours of swing dance music, all stuffed into one weekend. Better go to the gym
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      The TWCX (Toronto West Coast eXchange) is only a month away!
      Just imagine! 24 hours of swing dance music, all stuffed into one weekend.

      Better go to the gym now and get into shape for it. I'm going to the
      gym tonight (it's a lot of work lifting all those CD collections)!

      More information about it at: http://members.home.net/twcx/
      (have been updated recently, including prices and accomodation info)

      So here's the thing:

      We worked out a deal with a local hotel. It's a good hotel. Clean.
      Nice. Has a lounge, gym, sauna, steam room and whirlpool.
      We've stayed there before. It's about 2 blocks from
      the venue where we'll be dancing. It's right on the waterfront.
      You can leave your car at the hotel and walk to the dance venue.
      Trust me, it's better than driving, because the drive back is
      complicated by one way streets.

      We've worked out a deal with them. Here are the details.
      But here's the thing ... YOU HAVE TO RESERVE NOW.
      This deal is only good until the 12th. After that, the rooms are
      more expensive. It's a good deal anyways, but it's even a better
      deal because 1 or 2 in the room cost the same, and 3 or 4 cost
      a little more but not nearly as much more as they normally charge
      for a full room.

      You might also check out their automobile club rates (CAA/AAA)
      if you are a member.

      If you're an american, $129 Cdn is about $84 US at the moment.

      If you don't like this idea, we have some other suggestions for you.
      Check out the TSDS Toronto page:
      and specifically the accomodations page

      And we're trying to see if we can set up billetting like TSDS did for
      the Mario workshop.

      Remember ... it's Labour Day weekend.
      Lots of people will be travelling and staying in hotels.

      Vote early, vote often :-)


      Four Points Sheraton Toronto Lakeshore
      1926 Lakeshore Blvd. W.
      Toronto, Ontario

      Phone 416-766-4392 or 1-800-463-9929


      $129 single/double occupancy
      $149 triple quad occupancy
      Rates are quoted in Canadian dollars exclusive of 12% applicable taxes


      Individuals are responsible for making their own reservations.  Rooms in the block will be held until August 12,2001. 

      Tell the reservations clerk that you wish to book one of the rooms held for the Toronto West Coast Exchange


      Individuals are responsible for settling their own accounts.
      Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club accepted (they like cash too).

      I'm having problems with my email. If it's important, please send to both
       michaelwagner@... and michael_wagner@...

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