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10113Pirate Swing needs your help!

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  • Jaz Dance
    Feb 15, 2012

      Pirate Swing has over 100 people coming from all over the country to Ann Arbor for this event.  The local community in the past has helped by providing a place for these dancers to stay.  The date of this event is March 9th to 11th, and people would need housing on the friday night, and saturday night.   You can see more about the event at www.pirateswing.com

      IT IS OK IF YOU DO NOT LIVE IN ANN ARBOR!  Saline, Brighton, Ypsilanti, Dexter, Chelsea, and other surrounding areas up to 45 minutes away are OK! 

      Just to be clear, here is what guests need:

      1: A place to sleep.  Floors are OK, they have sleeping bags and air mattresses. 
      2: A place to shower.

      You DO NOT need to provide food, beds, towels, drinks, transportation, or anything else.  Some hosts choose to do this because they enjoy it, but it is by no means necessary.

      If you are able to house someone, please reply with the following details.

      1: Your full name
      2: Your current address
      3: Your phone number (in case we need to reach you regarding a housing issue during the event)
      4: The number of people you can comfortably house.
      5: The number of people you COULD house in a pinch. (It's ok if this is the same as #4)

      In previous years, we haven't over-loaded anyone, but, knowing we have an extra space if it was necessary (or no extra space) would be great.

      Ann Arbor's dance scene has a great reputation, and friendly hosts are a big part of that.

      Thank you for your consideration,

      Jesse and Zach