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  • mayxbo5
    I m still in THIS club. What up, Aaron?! That inflatable clown (that we have nicknamed the giant penis ) is getting some good beatings... And I
    Message 1 of 56 , Feb 5, 2002
      I'm still in THIS club. What up,
      Aaron?!<br><br>That inflatable clown (that we have nicknamed "the
      giant penis") is getting some good
      beatings...<br><br>And I show that trailer to everyone I know. HAHAHAHA!
    • not_daniel_harms
      ... there. :) Let ... I know I ve tried to post new titles to the IMDb before (and that probably includes Return to Innsmouth) and it s never, ever worked.
      Message 56 of 56 , Feb 10, 2002
        --- In aaronvanekappreciationsociety@y..., aaronvanek <no_reply@y...>
        > --- In aaronvanekappreciationsociety@y..., siliconvalleygirls <
        > no_reply@y...> wrote:
        > > > Hey Aaron,
        > >
        > > I know the folks who run IMDB, I can get your movie on
        there. :) Let
        > > me give it a shot.
        > >
        > > - Leslie, a long-time Aaron appreciator
        > > (mostly for a great architectural tour of Chicago!)
        > Good luck...you aren't the only one who's tried.

        I know I've tried to post new titles to the IMDb before (and that
        probably includes Return to Innsmouth) and it's never, ever worked.

        If you can get a
        > straight answer on why "Return to Innsmouth"; is not being listed,
        > that would be great. Maybe it's because it doesn't have any stars
        > it? It's only 26 minutes? Whatever.

        It's especially strange as other, far more obscure short films *are*
        listed (look at http://uk.imdb.com/Title?0107786 for Christ's sake).

        I'll need to get "The Yellow Sign"
        > up there as well.

        Which does have a star, of sorts. Hmm, I have a spare five minutes, I
        might take another look at www.shawnawaldron.com...

        > I met with some guy from imdb at the Yahoo Internet Life fest a few
        > years ago, telling him about my problem, and he did the typical
        > computer nerd/hacker thing where he assumed I was a complete moron,
        > and kept going on about how to search for the movie to make
        > SURE it wasn't already listed in there...and I'm like "It's not in
        > there. I've been trying for months. It's not in there."
        > "What year was it made? Let's do an advanced search for it."

        That's what people do in newsagents! Have you checked the shelves for
        a particular title in a newsagents, then gone to the counter and
        asked if they stock it? Even if they've just spent five minutes
        staring at you checking each individual magazine, they will *always*
        without fail insist on searching the same shelves themselves. And
        then you have to run away, or they'll make you find the right listing
        in the Magazine Buyer's Journal (approx. 300 pages of names of
        availible magazines, comics and newspapers) even if you didn't want
        it that badly in the first place.

        > Aaron

        The IMDb is definitely controlled by The Man. I bet Trotsky is
        turning in his grave that he's in there (http://uk.imdb.com/Name?
        Trotsky,+Leon) between a picture of Jenna Elfman and an advert for

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