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Re: [aapn] e-mail addy request (Maria, Greece)

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  • Nika Maria
    Sorry for the delay, my friend. I just saw your e-mail. Here is my answering letter I sent you the previous days: Good morning all, My name is Maria and I come
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 6, 2005
      Sorry for the delay, my friend. I just saw your e-mail. Here is my
      answering letter I sent you the previous days:

      Good morning all,

      My name is Maria and I come from Greece. I feel like telling some
      things concerning the severe matter pointed out by our friends in Le
      Petit Chien. It is true and it is a shame for our country that there are
      no laws protecting animals and their welfare. This is the result of the
      dominating way of thinking in Greek society as ideals concerning animals
      welfare and protection were never promoted until now. In these days we
      are in the beginning of an operation in Greece: the one that concerns
      change the way people think about animals. This is something that was
      established in most of Europe a long time ago.
      Fortunately, in Greece there is not much of wildlife so problems
      concerning wild animals' mistreatment are not that expanded. However,
      destruction and degrading of protected wildlife areas and uncontrolled
      hunting of sometimes endangered species are from time to time really
      threatening. On the other hand, we are the only European country that up
      to now has not found the way to manage urban waste and environmental
      pollution caused by factories and other resources. Thankfully, due to
      European community pressure, local goverment integrated in national laws
      regulations like Ramsaar. However, protecting environment and animals is
      still far away from the Greek way of thinking. Maybe the greatest
      problem here is the mistreatment of domestic and stray animals since
      abandon a dog or cat is very often here. And, sad to say, I have to
      admit that murders of animals in various ways commited by individuals or
      even by local authorities are more than real.
      So, this is the general idea but not the whole of it. There are many
      people here who love and protect animals and do their best to make their
      life easier. Efforts are made -mainly by individuals or local
      independent animalfriend organisations and teams- to establish
      appropriate shelters for stray animals. But things are very difficult
      since usually no subsidy is provided and all of these efforts have to be
      supported by member donations and charity while number of animals in
      need of protection continually increases. Also, number of people
      -especially young ones- dealing with environmental problems is getting
      larger everyday. Organisations like Greenpeace, WWF, Organisation for
      protection of sea turtle Caretta-Caretta and others happen to be widely
      known and respected among Greek young people. But, as I mentioned, we
      are only at the beginning and the basic thing to do, is to LEARN to
      think that animals are neither toys, nor machines, nor garbage. How can
      this be done? Through the appropriate education and informing not only
      on domestic and stray animals mistreatment but also, on other severe
      problems like animals use in experiments, animals torturing and killing
      when used for food or for their fur. We must learn to respect all the
      other forms of life, to understand that animals do have feelings just
      like us and they feel depress and great pain when mistreated. We do not
      have the right to torture or kill them at will.
      Greece is a beatiful country but, unfortunately, tourism boycott
      maybe is a necessary harm in order the authorities to start taking
      measures on animal abuse matters. Sometimes, loss of money is the only
      way to make them pay attention to what you say.
      So, my animalfriends, your experience and activities will be
      precious for our -animals friends in Greece- efforts. We need your help
      and your pressure towards our local authorities and government to be
      united with our voices against all these cruelties towards our
      vulnerable friends.

      With best regards,

      Le Petit Chien wrote:

      >Hello Maria,
      >Could you please send me your letter about Greek Animal Welfare once
      >more ?
      >I lost your e-mail addy that I obtained from aapn.
      >Thank you,
      >Le Petit Chien
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