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AfA: Zoo to save, not enslave- GLOBAL PROP FOR CRY

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  • Kim Bartlett
    Friday, July 01, 2005 IN TODAY S PAPER CITY NEWSLINES THE TELEGRAPH Calcutta Story Zoo to save, not enslave - GLOBAL PROP FOR CRY SUBHRO SAHA The king of the
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      Friday, July 01, 2005
      Calcutta > Story

      Zoo to save, not enslave

      The king of the jungle in a cage: The concept of an urban zoo is being
      contested. A Telegraph picture
      A zoo must act as a rescue-cum-conservation centre and not as an
      exhibition gallery... Calcutta-based animal welfare NGO People for
      Animals (PFA), which had challenged the concept of an urban zoo in
      Calcutta High Court through a public interest litigation (writ
      application no. 1950) in 1998, has found global voice to its crusade.

      Strategic partner Compassionate Crusaders Trust (CCT) - the PIL was
      filed based on its findings and analyses - was the sole city
      representative at the biennial animal welfare conference, Asia for
      Animals, held at Novotel Clarke Quay, Singapore, from June 22 to 24.

      The forum strongly endorsed CCT's focus on the zoo's role as a
      conservation centre and lauded its slogan, 'Life imprisonment without
      any court of appeal', according to Louis Ng, president and executive
      director, Animal Concerns Research and Education Society (Acres),
      principal organiser of the conclave.

      "Any kind of subjugation of a weaker species leads to apprehension and
      eventual loss of freedom," said Debasis Chakrabarti, who did a
      presentation on 'Rescue centre operation' at the Singapore forum on
      behalf of CCT.

      The emphasis of Asia for Animals 2005 was on consolidating experience
      in the region, with an eye to developing new strategies and
      facilitating change. In the main sessions, representatives of
      government agencies and NGOs debated topics like 'disaster relief &
      recovery', 'ZooChek work in Asia', 'stray animal management', 'rescue
      centre operations', 'tackling illegal wildlife trade'?
      Chakrabarti called for a concrete road map for all rescued animals,
      both short and long-term, "so that they can fend for themselves once
      they are returned to the wild, and the zoos have to play a pivotal
      role here".

      Shubhabrata Ghosh, who had inspected over 30 Indian zoos for CCT
      funded by ZooChek Canada, and was the other representative from the
      city, underlined the need to stop subjugation in the name of
      exhibition/performance in zoos and circuses.

      Copyright (c) 2005 The Telegraph.
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