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RE: Fwd: [aapn] Oliver Twist sterilization

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  • Santos, Karen
    Unfortunately, after reading your various emails about animal welfare groups responding to the tsunami disaster, I am compelled to write to you to clear up any
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 2, 2005
      Unfortunately, after reading your various emails about animal welfare groups responding to the tsunami disaster, I am compelled to write to you to clear up any misconceptions about the role of IFAW in responding to the disaster in Southern Asia.

      IFAW has one of the most respected and experienced team of emergency relief responders in the world. They are respected because they are veterinarians, extremely knowledgeable, professional, work closely with local animal welfare groups and follow precise protocols in the care and handling of domesticated as well as wild animals. This knowledge has enabled us to act quickly to improve the situation for animals in many of the areas affected by the disaster.

      In India, IFAW was contacted by two local NGO's to provide assistance in saving domestic animals, and to assess the habitat damage and animal welfare needs caused by the tsunami. Our colleagues from our India office were on the ground quickly, providing medical care and food to livestock, implementing a dog vaccination effort, caring for sick and injured animals and doing a habitat assessment of the area.

      In Sri Lanka, at the request of local animal welfare groups, we sent an experienced veterinarian, and a veterinary technician and provided resources to implement a massive dog and cat vaccination program to prevent the spread of diseases. No animal sterilizations were administered by the IFAW ER team or the local groups we worked closely with. In addition, we supported a local turtle conservation organization by providing needed equipment and temporary shelter on the beach so they can continue their work.

      In Thailand, the director of IFAW's Asia Pacific office conducted habitat assessments in conjunction with local groups and subsequently provided resources to these local groups to vaccinate and care for dogs in hardest hit areas.

      We are committed to providing ongoing assistance through our India office and continue working with and supporting local groups and colleagues attending to animal welfare and habitat issues in affected areas. All the money raised for tsunami relief was generously donated by supporters to help animals in distress. These funds have been directed specifically to local groups in India, Sri Lanka and Thailand.

      We hope this clarifies the misleading information about IFAW's efforts. Any unsupported statements made about these efforts and that of others are counterproductive and do a great disservice to the tireless efforts of many dedicated individuals everywhere that truly care about animal welfare and are working hard to improve it.

      If you or anyone else is interested in what we are doing regarding our emergency relief work any where in the world, please feel free to visit our web site at www.ifaw.org or contact us directly.

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      From: K.santha [mailto:santhak@...]
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      Subject: Re: Fwd: [aapn] Oliver Twist sterilization

      This is an interesting reply I received for the chicken run
      I am not sending the name of the person as that is a personnal e.mail.

      Hi Kala ,
      'I fully believe that people have personally profited from the Tsunami
      fundraising along with welfare groups.
      I know that the large animal welfare groups send teams of people (often from
      upper management people who work behind the desk but like the idea of an
      overseas trip) to "assess" the disaster. The cost of their airfares, first class hotels and chauffer driven transport is obscene.'

      Oh the dogs of Sri lanka are treated like Oliver twist.
      I was asking for more .Was I?
      Would any of you allow your dog or cat to be in the streets soon after a
      All I asked was some food and shelter for the animals for few days.
      I sent an e.mail on the 21st of January regarding the same day release but
      was no comment.Mrs Prema Ranaweaka Das in Sri lanka who is known to Kim and
      Merrit also opposed
      the release the dogs to the streets on the same day.
      Prema`s semi domesticated cat which was operated in an animal hospital
      managed to
      tear the incision while she was still in the hospital.She doesn`t have an
      but Kim and can contact her and ask for the details about that incident and
      her viewsabout same day release.

      Animal Welfare and Protection Association (AwpA)also want these dogs to be
      in temporary shelters
      after the surgery.The e.mail of On e committe memeber Iromi Salgado iromi

      The AWPA was willing to help with temporary shelters for these animals and
      after care.
      Why didn`t they allow them to help?
      I have nothing against HSI ,IFAw or WSPA or Mrs Grant .I spoke behalf of the
      animals who can`t
      speak andasked them to give them a shelter and food for few days.
      This is Tsunami and it is not a Garden Party.We have seen how the dogs and
      cats get infected with
      maggots .The environment is very unhygenic .The dogs would walk through the
      muddy water they roll on the garbage and decaying bodies.
      .These people spit and throw faeces also everywhere.Some people of Sri
      lanka experienced that some dogs
      won`t live for a longer period after sterilization.That is because these
      people don`t keep them in hygenic conditions till the wound get healed .

      Sherry grant made a big mistake about Animal Welfare group inher diary in
      January 2005.

      There are established animal welfare groups one classic example is Help in
      Suffering in India .
      Indians love animals.That`s why they don`t release the animals to the
      streets on the same day.
      It would have been better if HSI and IFAW work with the Government and real
      animal welfare groups and save that money for the welfare animals .

      Kala Santha

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