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(Au)Vegan dog/ Vet wanted for IFAW Asia Pacific office

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  • bunny
    Date 05:29 Sep 2 Subject LIBERATE: Vegan Dog / Vet Job An email to subscribers of the Animal Liberation NSW mailing list
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 1, 2002
      Date 05:29 Sep 2
      Subject LIBERATE: Vegan Dog / Vet Job

      An email to subscribers of the Animal Liberation NSW mailing list


      27-year-old vegan collie could be world's oldest living dog
      A border collie said to be 27 could make it into the Guinness Book of World
      Records as the world's oldest living dog.

      Bramble's owner Anne Heritage says she's still alert and active and
      goes for a walk four times a day near her home in Bridgwater, Somerset.

      The 43-year-old says she feeds her a vegan diet of rice,
      lentils and organic vegetables. (Ms Heritage is vegan herself.)

      Her partner Roy Franklin takes her swimming once a week at a canine
      hydrotherapy pool.

      A Guinness spokesman says the dog could be the oldest living and they are
      keen to examine any application.

      The Daily Mail reports Britain's oldest dog was a pedigree papillon called
      Fred who died at the of 29 in 2000. The world's longest-lived dog was an
      Australian cattle dog who lived to be just months older than Fred.

      Ms Heritage says Bramble nearly died last year after injuring her back in a
      fall, but has become better with the help of the swimming sessions.
      She said: "She loves exercise and has a real passion for being outdoors.
      She can be a thorn in my side when she's restless, but it's what keeps her


      Note: we do not necessarily propose that a vegan diet is good for all dogs,
      although it has been demonstrated that many dogs can thrive without meat.
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      The International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW), with 15 offices in 13
      countries throughout the world headquartered in Massachusetts, USA, is
      seeking a Qualified Veterinarian for the position of Director of our World
      Wide Companion Animals programme, to be located at the IFAW Asia Pacific
      office in Sydney.

      The Director will work to achieve IFAW's animal welfare goals in the
      companion animal programme area. They will identify, develop and
      oversee the implementation of strategies to globalise IFAW's
      Companion Animals agenda
      (programs and campaigns).
      Visit http://www.ifaw.org for a complete job

      Please send cover letter, resume, contact details for 3 references and a
      salary history to Judith deGroot, IFAW Asia Pacific, 8 Belmore Street,
      Surry Hills 2010 NSW. Fax: 02 9288 4901 Email: recruitau@...

      Find out more about the plight of animals!
      Check out the website - http://www.animal-lib.org.au
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