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Trojan testing and Genetic Roulette

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    Hello to all-- There are two different links below for two very different subjects here--one is free antivirus software for computers. The other more important
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 6, 2013
      Hello to all--

      There are two different links below for two very different subjects here--one is free antivirus software for computers.

      The other more important is a link to a film called 'Genetic Roulette.'

      This hour-long film gives a very comprehensive look at Genetically Modified Foods and organisms with the first 10 minutes alone covering how GMOs are made, the unbelievable rise in health problems coinciding with the introduction of GM products into our food stores, and the nexus between govt/regulatory agencies and Biotech businesses especially Monsanto.

      If one does not have the time to view the full hour, there are a number of excerpts to be found on the side of this main link that run for just a couple of minutes that cover specific topics in the film.

      This topic is of global interest considering globalisation and its literal fallout on the health of humans around the world.

      But the fallout is not just restricted to humans--as many already know, GMOs have been introduced into many non-food items as well such as trees--an example being poplars in China targetted for the lumber industry--some of this genetic tinkering includes weakening the tree so that it can be ground up more easily for wood chips used in compressed wood. Already scientists have seen this genetic modification having 'escaped' into surrounding poplar forests, as well as genetic modifications in various wild shrubs and bushes near GM plantations/testing sites.

      Hence, this is a major environmental/forest and wildlife protection issue as well and a major threat to existing biodiversity and the delicate foodchain that holds our forest biospheres together.

      Please take the time to view at least excerpts from the film to learn more about how all of us could well end up being the losers at the table for Genetic Roulette.


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      Are GMO�s hurting you and your children? This video could change the way you live.

      It�s not enjoyable to watch, but listening to what they have to say is the responsible thing to do if you�re concerned about your health.


      Happy New Year

      not a plug but helpful reference I hope

      A colleague alerted me to a virus scan software even free for Macs, called Avast.

      It searches out and fixes/destroys virus in files and system.

      Even on a mac the PC trojans do no direct harm but sit on your hard drive and slowing things down, so this seems like a good protective step.


      and from here you can get the pc site which charges for that version...


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