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Re: [aapn] URGENT - Please write letter to save the life of Dhrube the elephant

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  • Shubhobroto Ghosh
    Dear Lucia, You may be interested to read this message from Carol Buckley, of Elephant Aid International. I wish you and everyone at AAPN a very happy new
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 1, 2013
      Dear Lucia,
      You may be interested to read this message from Carol
      Buckley, of Elephant Aid International.
      I wish you and everyone at AAPN a very happy new year.
      Best wishes,

      Many of you have asked about the wild bull elephant called Dhrube who made
      headlines in Chitwan National Park recently. There is much speculation and
      misinformation circulating, one being that Dhrube is angry because he has
      been denied access to females. This is untrue and not the reason for his
      behavior. Unfortunately we are seeing a change in wild elephant behavior in
      response to the situations they face on a daily basis. In Asia, the human
      population is dense. Villages have taken over land that once was home to
      many different species of wildlife, including elephants. The continual
      stress of close encounters with humans has resulted in a heightened
      aggression on the part of some elephants. Knowing their level of
      intelligence and sensitivity I would not doubt that this bull is acting out
      against the changes that have desperately impacted his life and that of his
      species. Another wild bull called Renaldo frequents the area where I live.
      He visits the breeding center and NTNC-BCC hattisar on a regular basis. He
      is mild mannered and seldom does any damage. Why Renaldo is mild mannered
      and Dhrube is not could be part personality and part life experience. No
      matter the cause for Dhrube's rage, his actions are making a peaceful
      existence between he and the villagers impossible. Records show that he
      goes out of his way to kill. I have no judgement about his actions, he is a
      wild animal and should not be treated like a human criminal. But his
      actions are putting him in a very dangerous situation. I can only assume
      some horrific things have happened to him and his family for him to act in
      such a manner. The local animal activist community is demanding his life be
      spared and that he be "resocialise". I don't know what they mean by
      resocialised but it sounds like they want him to be captured and
      incarcerated. The villagers are frightened out of their wits and want him
      dead.The forest department does not want to kill him. And believe me, to
      capture and incarcerate him would be a fate worst then death. Currently,
      there are three scenario available to Dhrube; he retreats to the forest
      never to be heard from again, he continues to enter homes and kill people
      and be hunted down and killed, or he is captured and brutalized within an
      inch of his physical and psychological life and forced to live a life of
      misery in captivity. There is no easy or humane answer to this profoundly
      sad situation.*Carol Buckley*

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