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Re: WSPA a disaster

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  • Edwin Wiek | WFFT
    Dear Merritt, I am very surprised that we have still not received any reply from either Mike Baker or the head of the DART Mr Swayer after 4 days. Is this
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 31, 2011
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      Dear Merritt,

      I am very surprised that we have still not received any reply from either
      Mike Baker or the head of the DART Mr Swayer after 4 days. Is this because
      they have no answers yet, or because they will need a bit more time to cover
      up the failure of their team in Bangkok?

      The help WSPA is now referring to was the handing over of 50 portable dog
      cages that are not very strong but did come handy to keep the dogs in for a
      few hours and transport and 500 kilo's of dog food. If they would like to
      list this as part of the $ 50K help to Thailand I would say the cages are
      about 900 dollars and the food appr. 600 dollars. So about 3% of the total
      budget they claim to have reserved here. A sad detail of the handing over of
      cages was that we were told they would be delivered to our tents in
      Ayutthaya, however later on we were told to pick them up from Chulalongkorn
      University at noon on a particular day (we left at 09AM to get there in
      time), however once we arrived there to take them away we were told by a
      WSPA volunteer that they needed 4-5 hours to get things ready for us to take
      away. At 6.30PM (again half a day wasted) we picked up the cages to hear
      that they needed the extra time to unpack all cages to attach stickers and
      "sponsored by WSPA" and "donated by WSPA" and repack it in to the boxes.
      The volunteers that WSPA organised to join us said that they would not join
      as they feared to be electrocuted on the boat. We left CU and returned back
      at our Ayutthaya base at 10PM.

      One of the things I still do not understand is that with 9 WSPA member
      societies in Thailand, is it impossible for WSPA to work with these members
      and set up a joint rescue effort? I have seen the Chulalongkorn and
      Kasetsart Universities at work, and although some of these kids mean well
      they have no experience handling dogs or cats at all and are in most cases
      dead-scared of getting close to the animals. Food is thrown at the dogs on
      roofs of houses and cars to feed the animals, but most of the catching of
      animals is done by small groups of local people in Bangkok now, to one group
      we have delivered one of our boats a few days ago for the moving of 800 dogs
      from a shelter. Why does WSPA not engage with the members at all?

      Mr Ian Dacre of the WSPA DART team got late in to relief as he was on a
      holiday in New Zealand at the first week of flooding and his assistant who
      had just taken his new position at the Bangkok office was not allowed to
      make any moves/decisions until his return, however Mr Dacre did have time
      enough to act on and after his return but decided instead to engage in
      organising VIP trips for "potential sponsors" to the flooded region, even
      asking to rent or use our first boat at Ayutthaya for a day to show the
      director of an international law-firm in Bangkok around Ayutthaya. (SMS and
      email message on record). He said this would be good for our funding. This
      case is not related to the offer to rent our second boat for livestock feed
      deliveries. Why should I give up a boat for this for a whole day that is
      needed to rescue animal's lives? What are the priorities here?

      From a very ill-informed person,

      Edwin Wiek
      Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand (WFFT)
      E-mail: edwin.wiek@...
      Phone: 08-90600906

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      Date: Mon, 31 Oct 2011 17:26:41 -0700
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