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(IN) PETITION - Butchery in the name of ABC + Pictures

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  • Diana Hartig
    From: Madhu Goyal madhu_goyal@hotmail.com Subject: Butchery in the name of ABC Dear All, The Prevention of Cruelty to
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 28, 2011
      From: Madhu Goyal <mailto:madhu_goyal@...> madhu_goyal@...

      Subject: Butchery in the name of ABC

      Dear All,

      The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act is designed to protect animals from
      mistreatment. But there is brutality happening in the name of sterilization
      and vaccinations (Animal Birth Control or ABC). In many places
      spaying/neutering of stray dogs is being done by trainees or inexperienced
      veterinarians who have never performed these surgeries before. The results
      can be seen in the attached pictures (there are many more) taken very
      recently at some NGOs and other organizations. Please note, these are not
      isolated instances but something that is happening every single day across
      the country. If we want this to stop then we have to act now. If you want to
      stand up and be counted please sign this petition addressed to the
      Environment Minister Mr Jairam Ramesh, and forward it to likeminded people.
      We can only hope that if we make enough noise we will be heard and heeded.


      Thank you,


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