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(IN): The Final Draft Wild Life (Protection) Amendment Bill 2010

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    http://moef.nic.in/index.php Draft Wild Life (Protection) Amendment Bill 2010 New Delhi, 8th July, 2010 The final draft of the Wild Life (Protection) Amendment
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      Draft Wild Life (Protection) Amendment Bill 2010

      New Delhi, 8th July, 2010

      The final draft of the Wild Life (Protection) Amendment Bill 2010 has been
      prepared, taking into consideration the numerous suggestions received from
      various stake holders. This draft is now proposed to be put before the
      National Board of Wildlife for their consideration once it is reconstituted.

      Statement of Objects & Reasons:

      Explanatory Note:

      Read Draft Bill:

      *IN THE NEWS:*


      Law on animal electrocution

      *Guwahati, July 11:* The ministry of environment and forests has proposed to
      make electrocution of animals a punishable offence � a development which
      could have serious ramifications for pockets in Assam that are notorious for
      such acts.

      The Draft Wild Life (Protection) Amendment Bill, 2010, put forward by the
      ministry says the word �electrocuting� has been inserted into Section 2(16)b
      after the word �trapping�.

      This section of the Wildlife Protection Act (1972) provides the definition
      of �hunting� but electrocution is not included in it.

      �By including the term �electrocuting� in the definition of hunting, the
      amendment act seeks to explicitly make the act of electrocuting an animal a
      punishable offence,� the draft bill says.

      �It is a welcome decision. But the act needs more clarity on whether they
      can hold the state electricity boards responsible, as the power lines are
      the main reason for deaths of animals because of electrocution,� a senior
      state forest department official said.

      Lauding the decision, Kushal Sharma, an elephant expert, said there would
      always be some sort of circumstantial evidence in electrocution deaths.

      For instance, one can trace the owner of the transmission line which causes
      the death of an elephant.

      The draft bill also suggests stringent penalties � imprisonment for a term
      less than five years but may also extend to seven years and a fine which
      shall not be less than Rs 25 lakh.

      Though cases of elephant electrocution have been reported in Assam , there
      has no punishment as of yet.

      The North Bank Landscape Programme of WWF India, which has been monitoring
      cases of electrocution of elephants in Sonitpur and Udalguri since
      2003-2010, listed 28 deaths.

      The Assam government has also now set up joint co-ordination committees in
      every district for monitoring maintenance of transmission lines to prevent
      such accidents.

      Each committee � comprising the district deputy commissioner, executive
      engineer of the Assam State Electricity Board, a representative of a local
      NGO and the divisional forest officer either from the wildlife or
      territorial division � will also ascertain whether the guidelines issued by
      the ministry of environment and forests and the Central Electricity
      Authority have been followed.

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