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(IN) Pune SPCA Visit on 15th April 2007

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  • NileshBhanage
    Dear All, I was away about this AAPN posting recently because my daughter s 1st B Day function was there. On 15th April 2007 (that is two years ago) I have
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      Dear All,

      I was away about this AAPN posting recently because my daughter's 1st
      B'Day function was there. On 15th April 2007 (that is two years ago) I
      have visited the Pune SPCA with my co-trustee Anuradha Ramaswami & PFA
      Pune Founder Manoj Oswal. I had made below report on observations & sent
      it to Ms. Maneka Gandhi year ago.

      Also past year, I rescued a Doberman from Pune SPCA from all the way
      driving my ambulance from Dombivli to Pune (200kms. Approx.) When one
      animal lover requested me that SPCA wants to put-to-sleep Doberman. I
      shifted that Doberman to Sucheta's Animal Farm Trust, Pune Shelter where
      the dog was survived for a month.

      Mr. Dady is PAWS supporter too.. He helps every organization like Pune
      SPCA. We know he is very genuine. I strongly mentioned in past & in
      report that 'MANAGEMENT NEEDS TO BE CHANGED @ PUNE SPCA'. None of the
      animal welfare person wants to bad mouthing about anyone but it should
      not cost an animal's life.

      I request all Pune people to come forward with their names to act as a
      part of new management and submit it to AWBI as they asked for
      inspection. Please let everyone know on AAPN who will do this? If the
      report is going in the Newspaper then please let the genuine interested
      people's list also should go to AWBI from Pune.

      As Dr. Krishna written in past
      "If no one is interested in the existing set-up, ten people can get
      together and take it over and show others how it can be run properly"
      "If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem."

      My conclusion is - Ok if you have exposed the problem but do not leave
      the problem; please lend a helping hand to make it a better place!

      Nilesh Bhanage

      Report on Poona SPCA
      (Called as Poor SPCA)

      By, Plant & Animals Welfare Society - PAWS
      Thane Dist.

      Day, Date & Time of Visiting:
      15th April 2007,
      Sunday Evening 5.00pm

      Members Visited:

      Anuradha Ramaswami - Founder Trustee PAWS

      Nilesh Bhanage - Founder Trustee PAWS

      Manoj Oswal - Founder People for Animals, Pune

      Pune SPCA is very old organization started by some Parsi people. In
      past 50 years history, the organization did not develop as compared to
      other SPCA's.

      On 15th May 2007, PAWS members visited Pune SPCA. Below are the

      When we visited the hospital it was locked from inside.
      One watchman was restricting people to enter into gate.
      The Board Sunday closed was written.
      The watchman did not allow us to go inside.
      We asked then if animal emergency comes then who will help? The watchman
      was clueless.
      One family brought sick stray dog from Wagoli (Pune Suburb) by auto to
      Pune SPCA but case was not accepted by them.
      All the walls, buildings, houses, garages inside hospital were in broken
      The Cattle ward was empty, when enquired; the Trustee informed us that
      they shift the injured cattle to Goushala.
      There was no bird Shelter & the SPCA trustee told us that birds calls
      were diverted to Khaire's center.
      There was no separate ward for Distemper, Rabies, Gastro or Isolation
      There are many stray dogs caged in open area in which one dog having
      Penile Cancer & wound was bleeding on floor.
      People complaining about heavy charge taken by the SPCA staff to help
      sick stray dogs.
      No cats admitted found in hospital.
      The used injection vials were thrown in hospital premises in gunny bags.
      There was no vet available in SPCA on Sunday evening. Later the vet came
      from Bazar after shopping.
      The premises is not clean & garbage was lying everywhere.
      Only 1 ambulance out of two is working and used to catch dogs is Tempo
      The Trustee was complaining about that the funds are not coming from
      AWBI to manage.
      The Trustee Mr. Shah accepted that there is no emergency facility for
      If we compare to other SPCA the Pune SPCA is in pathetic condition.
      The Watchman continuously showing the tel. no. of SPCA but since the
      office was closed the phones were just ringing & was of no use.

      Suggested Enhancements:-

      The only suggestion to uplift the situation is to change the existing
      staff & the Management & replace them with few but good, dedicated
      people who understand the Animal welfare ethics & principle very well.

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