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(IN) MUMBAI : Dog beaten, eye gouged out

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  • Diana Hartig
    From: Rishi Dev [mailto:rishidev000@gmail.com] Sent: Wednesday, 6. August 2008 11:55 Subject: IN MUMBAI : Dog beaten, eye gouged out Dog beaten, eye gouged out
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      From: Rishi Dev [mailto:rishidev000@...]

      Sent: Wednesday, 6. August 2008 11:55

      Subject: IN MUMBAI : Dog beaten, eye gouged out

      Dog beaten, eye gouged out in MUMBAI

      Dear friends,

      please read the following account of a horrifying incidence which happened
      in Mumbai, India.

      Please also see attached pictures of the dog and then decide how you can
      help in getting the culprits punished. They can't go scot free. please write
      to Ms. Fizzah Shah from IDA Mumbai at the email id fizzah@... for
      more information and what further action can be taken. she has forwarded
      pictures attached below.

      In my view the local police station and the Police chief of Mumbai has to be
      pressurised to take immediate action against the offenders. I would request
      Fizzahji to kindly send us email ids and phone numbers of the people who
      matter, inlcuding that of the commissioner of police, mumbai.

      Also we must seek police protection for the lady and the dog.


      rishi dev

      See news report at:


      Dog beaten, eye gouged out

      Woman who fed dog has alleged she was threatened with same fate as the
      animal for filing police complaint

      Posted On Wednesday, August 06, 2008

      Sudhir Suryawanshi

      Soma Kotian, 50, a resident of Valmiki Housing Society at Kalina has
      alleged that she is is being threatened by some residents as she filed a
      complaint against them for cruelly beating a street dog who had taken
      shelter in their society.

      After thrashing the creature and then gouging one of its eyes out, these
      residents are now even threatening that they will kill the dog to erase the
      evidence alleges Kotian.

      She says that the dog had taken shelter in one of the buildings in the
      complex in order to escape the heavy rains.

      "The dog, Kalu, would always came to our society to take shelter during
      afternoon or in rains,"she said.

      "I registered a complaint at Vakola police station on July 31 and even
      informed the secretary about what these people have done with Kalu. I have
      been feeding 15 stray dogs for the last 15 years in this area. These all
      dogs have been around since the construction of society. At that time, they
      were puppies. Now they are a part of our society.," said Kotian .

      "I have asked the police to take action under Prevention of Cruelty to
      Animal Act, 1960.

      "Some of the culprits have now threatened to bash me up as they did to Kalu.
      Some have even said they would kill the dog and thus wipe off any evidence,"
      said Kotian.

      Kalu, who was beaten for taking shelter in Valmiki Housing Society at
      Kalina, with Gudisha Vaidya from the animal protection group, IDA and Soma
      Kotian (circle)

      Another resident, Gelevieve Lobo, said these dogs are harmless. "They never
      pounce on any of us who live here.

      "Infact, they keep a watch on suspicious elements. I don't know why the dog
      were beaten up so badly. After these threats, we have decided to shift Kalu
      to an animal hospital at Parel," she said.

      Fiza Shah and Gudisha Vaidya from In Defence Of Animals (IDA) group, said
      she would follow up the matter seriously unless the culprits are caught.

      "Policemen at Vakola police station were at first reluctant to register our
      complaint. Now, they have assured us of firm action against the guilty."

      "Kalu is injured seriously and needs proper medication. A few days ago,
      residents killed a dog by poisoning its food," she added.

      Ashok Shah, secretary of the society, said the issue will be discussed at
      the society meeting on August 9.

      "It is fine if she feeds stray dogs, but she should not do so inside the
      society. If somebody has done some mischief, appropriate action will be
      taken," he said.

      When contacted, a policeman at Vakola police station said the case is being

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