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[hsi-animalia] Help the elephants issues

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  • santhak
    Dear Friends I am sorry .You can send the letters to my adress or to my e.mail adress. You can adress the letter to whom it may concern or Attorney General .
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 30, 2001
      Dear Friends
      I am sorry .You can send the letters to my adress or to my e.mail adress.
      You can adress the letter to whom it may concern or Attorney General .
      As Attorney general would be very busy with the election the letter would be
      My adress
      Dr Kala Santha
      Nawala Road
      Sri Lanka

      The issues
      1 To ban elephant performances and move the elephant exhibit to another place ,
      Elephant rides should be prohibited.
      2Wild life depatment and Zoological department should not sell the elephants.
      3.Chaining method should be abolished.Even private elephant owners should
      change the chaining method of elephants.One she elephant died as lightening
      struck the iron chain on her leg .That shows chaining them is dangerous to
      their lives.
      4.From the elephant drive and elephant transiet home some elephants were
      stolen .A minister was involved in that racket..there has to be a survey
      and registration of captive elephants
      There has to be a commission and an inquiry about the stolen elephants .it
      was reported that those elephants were sold secretly
      5.The Wild Life department should introduce a 24 hour poaching hot line.
      6Their is a new group called Biodiversity and Elephant Conservation
      Trust..The adress is in the world animal net under animal welfare groups.
      The Managing Trustee of Biodiversity Elephant Conservation Trust has
      suggested that Pinnawela elephants could be sold to private elephant owners
      to solve the problem of overcrowding at Pinnawela and if these animals are
      trained to work they could earn at least part of their keep. Recently he
      has become the Asian Developmnt Bank Project Director for wild life
      department A political appointment
      They have a plan to auction the buffaloes and cattle in the wild life
      parks.The farmers have illegally sent them to the parks.Most probably
      butchers will buy them.

      Actually they should be given to farmers who are not close to wild life
      parks .Wild life department can organise that with the help of temples and
      animal welfare organisations .

      Sri lanka can protect the Fauna and flora without Asaian Development Bank
      and such organisations like Biodiversity and elephant Conservation Trust,


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