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(IN) who is catching street dogs in Trivandrum?

dear Friends I left Kerala in May 2015 ,and at that time there were two NGO sterilising in Trivandrum,one HSI and one belonging to the SREE Baba orphanage
avis lyons
Feb 5

(IN) Meanwhile, in Kerala

... From: Maureen Hand To: iarkerala@... Sent: Wednesday, 27 January 2016, 13:49 Subject: Missing dogs Dearest Avis I would like to report that the
avis lyons
Jan 27

(TH) Tiger temple trafficking

http://www.animals24-7.org/2016/01/23/is-thai-tiger-temple-trafficking/ Is Thai “Tiger Temple” trafficking? JANUARY 23, 2016 BY MERRITT CLIFTON
Lisa Warden
Jan 23

[IN] Call for International Action against Illegal Bullfights in Ind

*Call for International Action against Bullfights: Protest Against Indian Embassy* In the next 5 days, hundreds of bulls in India will be punched, beaten, and
Varda Mehrotra
Jan 18

Fwd: [IN] Helpline for Illegal Jallikattu events in India

Dear All, Please see information below about a helpline number and guide to action that FIAPO has set up to help stop the illegal Jallikattu events that are
Varda Mehrotra
Jan 18

Re: (KR) information on laboratory animal systems in UK, Italy, US a

Dear Professor, I will do my search to find some contact info for you. Always admire your work you have put in for the last 2 decades. Thank you and Happy New
Gina Walker
Jan 18

(KR) information on laboratory animal systems in UK, Italy, US and

Hello, my name is Changkil Park. I represent an animal organization in Korea. My organization – Voice4animas - has initiated laboratory law in 2007 to
Jan 17

Re: (Intl) What are your views on ICAM Co's DPM guide?

My apologies for re-posting, the hyperlinks were lost from my original message. Please note, the URL for our online survey regarding feedback on the ICAM Co
ICAM Coalition
Jan 8

(Intl) What are your views on ICAM Co's DPM guide?

In 2007, the ICAM Coalition published their first guidance on humane dog population management.We are planning to update this document and potentially add
Elly Hiby
Jan 7

(KR) An exposé on the dog meat industry in South Korea

Please help the Korea Observer reporters continue their important work of exposing the horrendous South Korean Dog Meat Industry to the world. Donate what you
April Kim
Jan 7

(KR) Update: City of Incheon Allowing Illegal Dog Farming and Slaugh

Sharing for Nami Kim and her team. (https://www.facebook.com/savekoreandogs/) I have great news to share with you! I received an official reply from the
April Kim
Jan 6

(Intl) Good-bye to Ardith Eudey

We thought you might not have learned about the death of Dr. Ardith Eudey who spent her life studying and campaigning for the wonderful macaques of Asia. Some
Shirley McGreal
Jan 5

(INTL) Tribute to Gerald Durrell by Simon Barnes

Shubhobroto Ghosh
Dec 28, 2015

(KR) Documentary trailer: Man bites dog in South Korea (update)

New trailer for the documentary by the Korea Observer (Korean English news) just released. Click to watch: https://youtu.be/9SKVdNrfIZo
April Kim
Dec 8, 2015

(IN) Starving puppies dead

Report in The Hindu http://www.thehindu.com/news/national/kerala/starving-puppies-found-dead/article7929140.ece
Dec 5, 2015
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