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Choosing the Right Affiliate Programs

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  • Dan Grossman
    Free to publish in your ezine, newsletter, or website as long as author bylines ( About the Author ) stay intact. Please inform me when and where you will
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      Free to publish in your ezine, newsletter, or website as long as
      author bylines ("About the Author") stay intact. Please inform me
      when and where you will publish this article in advance so I can
      see it in action (subscription address please)!
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      Choosing the Right Affiliate Programs
      By Dan Grossman

      The affiliate programs you choose to participate in, the ones
      you advertise, can decide whether you meet with success on the
      'net or not. For many websites, advertising sales are the only
      income they generate, so choosing what programs to advertise is
      crucial to your online success.

      So how do you go about choosing the right affiliate programs for
      your particular site? There are certain criteria you need to
      evaluate to determine if the program will be successful on your

      => Audience
      Does this product match the audience of your website? If you are
      running a site for dog owners to learn about their pets, will
      your audience be especially interested in buying sports cards?
      Probably not, at least not most of them.

      => Interest
      Interest goes hand-in-hand with audience. The perfect affiliate
      programs for your website are ones which your audience will be
      specifically interested in while at your website. Using the
      dog owners site as an example again, if someone has ended up
      at your site they'd probably be interested in dog owner-related
      products and offers while at your site. One would be most
      likely to be successful offering a dog training manual or pet
      toys from your site.

      => Type of Offer
      There are three basic types of affiliate programs. Ones which pay
      for each click-through, for leads, or for sales. While the
      payouts for a sale are generally higher than a lead, and leads
      higher than for a click-through, a website owner must consider
      how successful the program might be. If you are required to sell
      a $29.95 book on your website to earn a commission, you might not
      be as successful as if you were offering free pet toy samples.
      The response for the offer would be much greater than that of a
      product the user must buy before you earn a commission. If your
      site has substantial traffic, offers paying per click can quickly
      add up to earn significant amounts if you choose offers that your
      audience would be interested in clicking through to find out

      => Commission
      The final item you must consider when choosing the right
      affiliate programs for your site is the commission, or in other
      words, the amount you are paid for each click, lead, or sale.
      While you may be able to generate hundreds of clicks on one
      program's ads, if they are only paying $0.01 per click you may
      not earn as much as if you ran a program that pays $2 for a lead,
      and you would need to generate 200 clicks to earn the same
      amount. Equally, an affiliate program paying $20 commission on a
      sale of a $50 product might sound great, but if you can only sell
      one or two of the product in a month it may not be worthwhile.

      Consider those 4 criteria when choosing affiliate programs to
      add to your website, and you should enjoy more responses and,
      therefore, more revenue from your website.

      About the Author:

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