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Four Tips For Getting More Mileage From Your Articles

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  • Bonnie Jo Davis
    Please accept the following article submission: Author Name: Bonnie Jo Davis Contact Email Address: Bonnie@DavisVirtualAssistance.com Word Count: 461 Category:
    Message 1 of 1 , May 31, 2003
      Please accept the following article submission:

      Author Name: Bonnie Jo Davis
      Contact Email Address: Bonnie@...
      Word Count: 461
      Category: Marketing
      Copyright Date: 2003
      Internet Address: http://www.ArticlesThatSell.com/fourtipsarticle.htm
      Autoresponder Address (If Available):

      You have permission to publish this article in your ezine
      or on your web site, free of charge, as long as the bylines
      are included. A courtesy copy of your publication would be

      Complete Article with Resource Box at end:

      Four Tips For Getting More Mileage From Your Articles

      It has become common knowledge that the smartest and most
      effective free method of advertising your business and services
      is to write and submit articles to the over 400,000 e-zines
      currently on the 'net. There are even several e-books written
      on the topic, including mine, that will help you take advantage
      of this effective technique. What do you do next after you've
      invested the hours necessary to research, write, proofread, edit
      and submit your article to thousands of e-zine publishers?

      I recommend several methods of recycling articles to clients who
      utilize my article submission services that I'm going to share
      with you today:

      1. Publish each of your articles on a separate page on your web
      site. Then take the keywords from that article that you used
      in the title and text and create a set of meta tags for that page.
      Use a free meta tag generator like http://www.anybrowser
      com/MetaTagGenerator.html to make sure your meta tags are
      properly formatted and all inclusive. Next, submit the article
      page to all of the free search engines. Once that page is
      indexed those keywords will attract searchers to visit your site
      where you can convert them to loyal customers.

      2. Take the article you've written and customize it for an
      industry you want to target. For example, I have a client who
      writes internet promotion articles. After submission she
      customizes her articles for real estate agents, accountants,
      ophthalmologists, home health care companies, etc. I then offer
      the customized articles to the industry associations
      representing those groups. This tactic has resulted in hundreds
      of thousands of fresh, new visitors to her web site when an
      association prints her customized article in their newsletter or

      3. Choose an article you've written that outlines several key
      points on a particular topic. Write an in depth, expanded
      article on each key point. Contact all the publishers on your
      list and offer them the expanded key point articles and ask them
      to run them as a series. A series of articles is much more
      effective than a single article because each potential customer
      needs to be exposed to you and your business several times
      before becoming a customer.

      4. Take the original article and the expanded key point
      articles and offer them as an e-course to people who visit your
      site and sign up for your e-zine. Use a free autoresponder like
      http://www.sendfree.com to deliver the articles in sequence.
      This gives you the opportunity to capture e-mail addresses for
      your e-zine and allows you to use a different by-line
      highlighting your services and products with each article

      Use these four tips every time you've finished submitting an
      article and you will get thousands of additional targeted
      visitors to your web site with just a little extra effort!

      Bonnie Jo Davis is a Virtual Assistant who specializes in
      inexpensive marketing promotions for herself and her clients.
      For more information about Bonnie's article submission package
      visit http://www.DavisVirtualAssistance.com and lick on the
      "packages" button.

      (c) 2003. Davis Virtual Assistance. All rights reserved.

      Permission to publish on-line or in print is granted so long as
      the article and by-line are printed intact.

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