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Reformatted: "Make Your Subscribers Love You!"

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  • Ewen
    Make Your Subscribers Love You! Word count : 920 =========================== * Ezine editors and Site Owners * =========================== Feel f ree to
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      "Make Your Subscribers Love You!"

      Word count : 920

      * Ezine editors and Site Owners *

      Feel f'ree to reprint this article in its entirety
      in your ezine or on your site so long as you
      leave all links in place, do not modify the
      content and include our resource box as listed
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      Article as follows

      "Make Your Subscribers Love You!"

      (c) Ewen Chia - All Rights Reserved

      Competition is so fierce on the internet.

      With almost 500,000 ezines (and growing) online
      now, how on earth do you make yours stand out?

      Listen up if you're presently publishing an ezine.
      Your Number One priority and concern should be on
      retaining current subscribers, not getting new ones!

      It always hurts to see an "unsubscribe me" message,
      just where have I gone wrong?? You sometimes ask.

      And if you've not started your ezine or opt-in list, you
      must do so asap!

      Let me tell you flat out...it's close to impossible to
      market effectively online, without using some form
      of email marketing. Be it an ezine, opt-in list, ecourse
      or report.

      So it'll be a shame for you to ignore the power of
      email marketing, if you consider yourself an online
      marketer or business owner.

      With that in mind, here are 7 surefire strategies
      to make your subscribers love you!

      1. What's In It For Them?

      The internet is a crowded marketplace, and subscribers
      have a vast variety of ezine choices to subscribe to.
      What makes yours so special?

      First, identify a targeted niche to base your ezine on.
      I mean, really narrow down.

      If you're into cellular phones, don't just write about that.
      Focus instead on a targeted area of cellular phones.
      Some ideas that come to mind immediately are casings,
      ringtones, mms, etc! You'll get a much more specific
      audience this way.

      Second, acquire good knowledge on your topic chosen.
      Learn, find and seek out relevant information to pass
      on to your subscribers. Save them time!

      Third, innovative. Subscribers love a little innovation,
      something that makes your ezine shine. Having interesting
      contests is an example.

      Wait, anyone done an audio, talking 'ezine' yet?

      2. Project Your Personality!

      Project your personality in your writing! Show some passion!

      Get to know your subscribers and let them know you as a person
      too. The online world is already very 'cold', and some warmth is
      much needed : )

      However, be positive here, never use your ezine to spread
      negative comments or throw cold blankets on your subscribers.
      That would come across as being unprofessional and having
      poor attitude, and you'll see people unsubscribing in droves!

      I mean, even in the real world, who wants to be around
      negative folks?

      So spread some good, old love instead. Be known as an
      Editor who's real, approachable and friendly to build a
      better relationship with your subscribers.

      3. Show Some Respect

      You should be treating your valuable subscriber as a friend.
      I'm sure you won't mislead, ignore or harm your friend?

      What I mean to say, show some respect.

      For starters, never bombard him or her with senseless ads
      all the time!

      Keep your classified ads to the absolute minimum,
      and separate solo ads from your regular issue.
      And never promote just any product to your list
      just to earn a buck.

      Here's a quick guideline for recommending
      products or services.

      Quality products you've used yourself and gotten good results;
      Valuable resources that will truly help them in their businesses;

      Remember, trust is difficult to acquired but easy to lose
      .it can be gone in a second!

      4. Contact Me Please

      Always provide a valid and working email address so that
      your subscriber can contact you. Do not attempt to hide
      your email from them. And if your phone is available,
      all the merrier!

      We're talking about a long-term relationship here,
      and how can a relationship be started or sustained
      without some form of communication??

      Subscribers may need to contact you for assistance,
      questions or feedback. Open this avenue to them,
      it'll benefit you too.

      And I forgot one important thing.reply to emails!

      5. Work Hard For Your List

      Here's an absolutely crucial factor - YOUR ezine must
      be able to provide what the subscriber wants..in other
      words, true value.

      Ask yourself, what makes a subscriber subscribe??
      To get your ads? No! He or she does so as they believe
      your ezine can help satisfy their needs.

      That is, the associated value, real or perceived, that
      your ezine can provide them. This may come in the
      form of good content, resources, reviews or discounts,etc.

      What I'm suggesting here is, you've got to work hard
      for your subscribers..

      Provide relevant quality content, or write your own articles!
      Give them valuable tools and resources that cater to their needs
      Seek and negotiate geniune discounts and promotions for them
      Keep them up to date in their areas of interest..etc!

      Putting serious effort into your ezine will make your subscribers
      appreciate you more, cause it shows.

      6. Give Them What They Want

      You ain't writing the ezine for yourself.

      Find out what your subscribers' needs are, and provide them
      with the resources to meet those needs if possible. The best
      way to do that is to ask. Using polls, surveys or basic email
      exchanges are all excellent methods of understanding your

      Hear them, hear them!

      7. Change Your Mindset

      The best way to approach this - imagine yourself as a 'Mentor'
      to your subscribers, guiding and helping them sincerely. Build them
      into future joint venture partners for your business...it's a Win-Win

      This mindset, if adopted correctly, can radically change your attitude.
      You'll automatically provide the best committment and value to your
      subscribers once you know how important they really are! :o)

      Granted that it's already not easy publishing an ezine, why not make
      it easier with the above tips?

      Make your subscribers love you, and you'll have an enjoyable
      time yourself!

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