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Re: Petition: Keep the Istanbul Emek Movie Palace and turn it into a film center!

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  • Crescent9
    Thank you. I ve just sent an email. Good Luck, Tony Williams
    Message 1 of 2 , May 24, 2010
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      Thank you.

      I've just sent an email.

      Good Luck,

      Tony Williams

      --- In a_film_by@yahoogroups.com, Ekrem Serdar <ekremserdar@...> wrote:
      > Dear all,
      > As you may or may not know, Istanbul is under the threat of losing the
      > Emek Movie Theater, a grand old movie palace built in the early 20th
      > century, ushers and all, right in the heart of the city on Istiklal Ave. The
      > threat is - as it tends to be - a mall, restructuring the theater into a
      > multiplex, while hilariously keeping the name. Our hope is to help turn the
      > theater into a "Film Center" (though I doubt the word "film" is specific or
      > strict.) I am not directly involved in the process, but I'm very much in
      > support of it.
      > To be brief: I'd like to ask you all to email your name, occupation and
      > where you're residing to agree (at) emeksinemasiniyasatalim.org**
      > To be long-winded: just the other day, a court verdict announced that the
      > "renovation" of the theater be stopped due to the possibility of "damages
      > that would be difficult or impossible to revert UNTIL a further review and
      > expert opinion." (rough translation). So a victory, but the door is still
      > open for the multiplex minded. The lawsuit was brought about thanks to the
      > Istanbul Architects Bench.
      > Naturally I might be wrong, but the language employed in the verdict leads
      > me to believe that what is at stake is convincing those in power of the
      > theaters cultural importance, thus making even as brief an act as our
      > signatures important.
      > And I don't think I have to convince anybody on here for the vitality an
      > open space for film/video artists would provide (though I'll argue with you
      > about it!). The hope is that a concise plan with what COULD (ah! that
      > wonderful word!) be done with the space will help the chances of it's
      > survival. The area has already been going through a major overhaul to make
      > it tourist-friendly, and the last thing it needs is another mall.
      > Though as said, I might be wrong.
      > So if you've ever been there, ever been in Istanbul, happen to be
      > like-minded, do send an email to the address above.
      > For more info:
      > The official site to keep the Emek Movie Palace alive:
      > http://www.emeksinemasiniyasatalim.org/english.htm
      > Posts on the Palace from:
      > TCM's Movie Blog:
      > http://moviemorlocks.com/2006/11/17/the-emek-cinema-in-istanbul/
      > and another from Cinema Treasures:
      > http://cinematreasures.org/theater/17977/
      > finally, my apologies to those who have already seen this, and my thanks to
      > those who have signed it,
      > as always,
      > --
      > -ekrem serdar
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