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August 2001 Newsletter

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  • Nande
    A-Wedding Day NewsletterE-Zine August 7, 2001 E-zine ========================================================= Special Announcements
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      A-Wedding Day NewsletterE-Zine
      August 7, 2001 E-zine
      Special Announcements
      We are proud to introduce "Best Wedding Auction". The first online
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      Use Your Imagination When Gift Wrapping
      Use scrap yarn.
      Braid or coil it and use it instead of ribbon to decorate a package.
      Raffia is anothe option for decorating gifts.
      Both are very appropriate when wrapping gift for men.

      Do you have unused leftover wall paper?
      Use it to wrap gifts. It is a great way to get rid of it while
      showing originality in you gift wrapping.

      Do you have unused leftover fabric?
      Use scraps of fabric to gift wrap cylindrical gifts.

      Add little extras to your gift by putting little trinkets as package
      For a wedding or a house warming you may add measuring spoons or seed

      Use paper dollies and some ribbon, silk or a bow for the center of
      the package.
      You may also cut the dollies in quarters and glue each quarter to a
      corner of your gift package.

      If you are a gift giver to a bridal couple, be innovative! Be
      Think of just how much the newly weds need and use baskets, pails,
      small trash cans, laundry baskets, serving bowls etc... and use them
      as containerd for your gifts. Wrap them nicely and you have an extra
      thoughtful gift.

      Commemorate your wedding with a Wedding Coffee Mug, Cup and/or Plate
      You will need:...........

      White Coffee Mug, Cup and/or Plate
      Pattern from your invitation,
      or just your names and wedding date'
      A computer, a scanner and a color printer.
      Or can be color printed at any office supply store such as Office
      Max, Office Depot, Staples etc...
      Perm enamel surface conditioner
      Perm enamel paints (your choice of colors)
      Perm enamel gloss

      Make sure that your White Coffee Mug, Cup and/or Plate are absolutely
      dust and oil free.
      Brush on the surface conditioner let dry but paint within an hour.

      Scan your pattern.
      Save it as a graphic and open a paint program.
      Open the graphics file you just saved so you can add your names and
      wedding date.
      Print out the pattern.
      Place wide tape on both sides of the paper pattern and cut out using
      cuticle scissors and or an exacto knife.
      You can use spray it to keep the stencil on or leave edges and tape
      them to your work surface to keep it still while stenciling.
      on the White Coffee Mug, Cup and/or Plate.
      Using a makeup sponge, apply your paint colors on the stencil. You
      will need 2 coats.
      You may wish to paint the handle and paint into the cup but not the
      whole cup, with a brush. Let dry over night.
      Now, use a brush to paint on the gloss.
      Let it cure for ten days, before washing.
      Or, if you are in a hurry, set in an oven that has been pre-heated
      225 degrees F and let it cure for a few hours.

      Feature Article
      Tying the Knot Folklore By Kitty Ariza
      Visit Kitty

      The old cliche' "tying the knot" has been around for centuries, rope
      and cord was used for many purposes. The first form of legal
      contracts, a knot was tied to symbolize legal contracts. A witness
      would tie a knot if he could not write, he would tie a knot in a
      strap and it was attached to a document.
      Knots and cords were used as jewelry in primitive times. Cords were
      more common in the betrothel than the metal rings. In ancient times
      weddings were steeped in superstition, they believed that there were
      evil spirits out there to harm the betrothed.
      There are many explanations for the "tying the knot " cliche'.
      In Asia Parsi and Iranian couples would be separated by a crutain and
      would join hands and their hands were tied together with a cloth and
      double knotted, then a piece of yarn was wrapped around the couples
      hands seven times, seven times around the couple and then seven times
      around the knot.
      One source believes the expression comes from Roman times when a
      bride wore a girdle with knots and the groom needed to untie the knot
      on his wedding night.
      In some parts of Africa the hands of a bride and groom were tied with
      braided long grasses to symbolize their union.
      The Celtic custom known as handfasting is binding of the hands, but
      it meant a trial marriage. They would be married for one year and a
      day, which at that time they could make the marriage permanent or go
      separate ways.
      In a Vedic marriage in India one of the brides hands is tied to the
      groom's hands to symbolize their union.
      In Mexico a cord ritual is practiced called the Lazo. A cord is
      draped around the shoulders of the bride and groom. In the front is a
      cross of Jesus, which means the union is blessed by God.
      In some cultures friends used to tie the bride and grooms clothes
      together symbolizing unity. Bows and ribbons were traditional wedding
      favors that signifyed the marriage knot.
      In Sinhalese Buddist wedding ceremonies, a gold cord is tied around
      the fifth finger of the bride and groom. Water is poured over the
      knot signifying the sharing of their lives.
      In a Russian Orthodox wedding an embroidered cloth is wrapped around
      the couples hands. The scarf is called a rushnychok and is made for
      this purpose.
      Long ago when certain indian tribes wed, a finger of each the bride
      and groom was cut until it bled and then that hand was bound together
      to mix the blood for their union.
      Today some clergy will wrap his scarf around the hands of the bride
      and groom symbolizing their coming together as one.
      In some cultures the knot poses a superstition of evil. A Syrian
      groom has to make sure no one has placed a knot among his clothes. To
      him it symbolizes impotency.
      The knot symbolizes love, loyalty, friendship, duty and the main
      symbol is unity.

      Ariza Accents, inventor of The Nuptial Knot has a very special offer
      for you. A FREE Nuptial Knot. To be eligible all you need to do is
      ask a question or request information about customs traditions or
      ceremonies. Or, you may submit an article on the subject. The winner
      will be drawn from all eligible participants. To participate and to
      see the Nuptial
      Knot and learn of its roots, go to:
      You may Contact Ariza Accents at: <mailto:arizaaccents@...>
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