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  • emile TURBOSNACK
    hello. i d like to introduce myself to the list, my name is emile. i m studying media arts this year in melbourne, australia. member of blackout anarchist
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 15, 2000
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      i'd like to introduce myself to the list, my name is emile. i'm studying
      media arts this year in melbourne, australia. member of 'blackout'
      anarchist youth group. was a member of the now defunct 'neither master
      nor slave' affinity group. currently active in video and online mediums.
      vid activism, vid art and cultural sabotage.

      some recent activities:

      '6pm personality' - a video loop played in a subway. dissecting the
      sculptured and perfected masks/faces of newsreaders.

      'bad communication' - video loop played on monitors in an exhibition.
      1998 miss america pageant cut with an australian daytime tv personality,
      bert newton. used a short section of bert's face when he wore black
      electrical tape over his mouth for a skit. bad communication!

      'very ilky' - short video interpretation of a friends zine/poetry books.
      one liners on the alienation of everyday life. video picturebook.
      experimental narrative.

      my online lifestyles include:

      'clean surface' <http://www.cleansurface.org> - a living archive of
      insurrectionary graffiti and cultural hooliganism. about 350 images
      online. photos of stencils, modified billboards, flyposters,
      subvertising, stickers and profiles on local melbourne troublemakers.

      'metcop watch' <http://coming.soon/~under_construct> - photo gallery of
      the undercover cops that patrol melbourne's transit system. to help
      people weed out the cops before they weed you out.

      three cheers for this list. i'm interested to hear from people about how
      they justify their anarchism and their art. how they link them together.
      how they separate them. whether it means making agitational propaganda,
      or fairy-floss art lite. i have dillemas and wonder if you out there in
      egroups community land do to.

      >The Cocksucker image is a little more problematic; I didn't put it up at
      >first, but hoped that by composing it as I did; as an image on a t-shirt worn
      >by a man, that I would get across the idea that this is something that a
      >person might wear proudly.

      sorry albo, i didn't see it as being worn proudly. the image looked like
      something emailed around nasty offices during lunch break ("heh heh, cock
      sucker yuppie poof"). could have something to do with the body not having
      a face. no expression or face dehumanises the subject. and as all good
      propagandists know, when you dehumanise someone it's much easier to hate
      and attack them. the military-entertainment machine does it all the time
      - anarchists do it to capitalists. maybe have someone wearing the exact
      same clothes in the exact same position but with a face during orgasm
      pointed skyward, or an indulgent cum eating grin. licking lips? maybe?

      >(I was just sucking cock this morning and was amazed
      >once again by how much fun it is)

      glad to hear it! :)

      looking forward to interesting discussions and seeing what us anarchist
      cultural workers are making...

      _ emile

      Re: external control from womb to tomb
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