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FW: [BAZ] latest GTE schedule, sale and info.

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    Great Train Expo was sold again, this time as Dave Swanson retires after 35 years of doing them. He ll continue on as the Manger and advertiser but leaves
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      Great Train Expo was "sold" again, this time as Dave Swanson "retires" after 35 years of doing them.  He'll continue on as the Manger and advertiser   but leaves the day-to-day running of the shows to the ones that now do it.  So basically the top man is deciding to cut the travel and relaxing the that office all day and let the others do what he has been doing along side of them all these years.  So we should see no change in the field.


      The 07 Fall / Winter schedule is out.  Jim, please make sure that we get confirmed for space at:


      San Jose    September 29 - 30

      Pleasanton    November 24 - 25

      San Diego (Del Mar)    December 1 - 2


      2008 will be available in "July". 



      Below is the text from Dave Swanson of CIA:



      Dear Exhibitor, 


      We are sending out this letter along with the schedule for the fall 2007 shows in order to let you know about major changes being made to the organization of the train shows. Competitive Intelligence Advertising (CIA Inc.), which is owned by Dave Swanson,  has just completed two sale transactions. These two sales, involving different parts of the Great Train Expo as well as the Great  Midwest Train Show, have CIA Inc. exiting the tabletop train show business. CIA Inc. will continue to manage the World’s Greatest Hobby on Tour shows and provide advertising services for a number of clients, including for the shows that have been sold. 


      Train Expo Inc. has purchased the Great Train Expo from CIA Inc. Train Expo Inc. is owned by Bill Grove, who has worked in the   train show industry for almost 20 years and is well known to many of you. Bill will personally be managing the Great Train Expo  and has hired Nick Zorn to be General Manager. Nick formerly managed several of these shows for CIA Inc. Train Expo Inc. is  headquartered in Oswego, IL; for more information about Train Expo Inc. visit www.GreatTrainExpo.com.  Train Show Inc., owned by Randy Bachmann, has purchased the Greenberg Shows and the Great Midwest Train Show; for more information about Train Show Inc. please visit www.greenbergshows.com. 


      On a personal note, I would like to say that having been in the train show business for 35 years it is time to pass the torch to new leadership. While I will still have plenty to do with our advertising agency and the World’s Greatest Hobby on Tour Shows, this sale does allow me to slow down a little and focus on new opportunities. I am thrilled that two employees who have worked for me for over 15 years each decided to embrace the opportunity to own their own businesses. I can’t think of two better qualified people to own and manage these shows. Bill Grove and Randy Bachmann have been involved in the day to day decision making and execution of this business for the past 15 years. There could not be a smoother possible management transition.  In most cases they know more about the details of the business than I do. I am gratified that they have allowed CIA Inc. to continue to perform the advertising for their shows. Kurt Jablonski will continue to perform the show advertising as manager of the CIA Inc. advertising agency. 


      I also think separating Greenberg Shows from the Great Train Expo is an excellent idea. This allows the unique aspects of the Greenberg shows to be highlighted. The spirit of cooperation between Train Show Inc. and Train Expo Inc. will ensure both are successful and will provide benefits for exhibitors and attendees. 


      A primary goal of the sale is a seamless transition for exhibitors. All show dates and reservation records have been transferred and in most cases customer contacts have been preserved. Train Show Inc., Train Expo Inc. and CIA Inc. will share certain assets which can benefit all participants, such as databases and mailing lists. In addition, I will be acting as a consultant to both organizations to provide perspective and historical information. 


      Included in this mailing is a sign-up form for Greenberg Shows. 


      On behalf of CIA Inc. I would like to thank you for your past participation in the shows, and I hope that you join with me in congratulating Randy and Bill in their new roles running the country’s two largest train show companies. I look forward to a bright future for both companies and for the train show industry as a whole, and I hope that you are a part of that future. 



      David K. Swanson

      President, CIA Inc.

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