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Dinner at the Yard House

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  • Bill Hoshiko
    Some days I could stand around looking all stupid and in spite of it all, great things happen to me. Yesterday I was sitting at my computer and Lajos invited
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 5, 2008
      Some days I could stand around looking all stupid and in spite of it
      all, great things happen to me.

      Yesterday I was sitting at my computer and Lajos invited me to spend
      an evening with David Barnblatt and a guest from Germany.

      I have very little to add to any conversation about Z scale model
      trains. I only know of things that happened a long time ago. Still,
      I have to accept any invitation from Lajos because I know that I will
      learn some great new things about building trains. David is also a
      kick because his profession takes him to some very interesting places.

      The person that we met at Lajo's model building studios was Larry, the
      Roadrailer guy.

      See: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_EP6py17E6c

      He is the guy who built those amazing Roadrailers. You can see him in
      some of the views. He wearing a blue shirt and sat much too close to
      his barber.

      He also has a web page: http://www.exact-messebau.de/minilok/start.htm

      The person who owns the web page is Ronald Schulz but the partially
      finished house on page 1 is Larry's house so they must be the same person.

      Lajos gave Larry a tour of his studio with all of the amazing
      collection of stuff that most of us would never think of buying.
      Lajos says of the model railroaders who grew up in Communist East
      Europe, learned to build model trains from poop. (Lajos used a more
      common term) They learned to distinguish real poop from model
      building gold. Larry is also from East Germany and lives a short
      distance from Harold F. Larry had to repeat Harold's name five times
      before I realized just who Larry was speaking about. I'm not even
      attempting to type Harold's last name.

      Lajos and Larry's conversation about the steps that they took to get
      the etchings, molds, and castings ready for their models was
      fascinating. David adds to the conversation with his observations
      about his forays into early European Z scale. Larry recognizes them as
      collector's items. I ate dinner. Some great calamari. These
      included the tentacles. When I was a kid, we grew up on octopus.
      Squid was expensive but, with squid, that stuff that filled the cone
      of the head as well as the tentacles were always included as a part of
      the food.

      To those of you who were waiting to purchase some of Larry's
      Roadrailers, forget it. I think that he said that he had built 16 of
      them and that is enough. He is a busy guy and like many who are
      talked into producing many copies of some model, he found that
      assembling, painting and decaling the same model 16 times or more can
      become drudgery.

      Larry's Roadrailers are marvels of detail and work. I would like to
      ask how many of you who asked for and actually purchased the undec
      models from MTL got as far as painting and decaling them. I can guess
      that some of you had the work done for you but for those who completed
      the project themselves, I would like to salute you. Z scale train
      models are difficult to finish.

      Z scale structures and scenery are seldom picked up and studied 10
      inches from your nose. Z scale train models are scrutinized from all
      angles and then they must operate on track. I started building one of
      Lajos's SW-1 but the closer I came to finishing the body I realized
      that I could never paint it. Far beyond any skill level that I could
      ever achieve.

      We had a great evening with Larry. He is here because of his job. He
      is responsible for building Aircraft accessory sales displays at the
      Long Beach Convention Center. He does stuff for the Lufthansa company.

      If you ever receive a call from Lajos to accompany him to visit any
      one, don't pass up the chance. You will miss something great. Don't
      forget to eat Calamari.

      Larry, come visit us again soon.

      El Toro, CA
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