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9618RE: Interesting NCE info

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  • trainssd
    Jan 21, 2014

      So will you use a cat 5/6 cable between your wired throttle and the panel? I think not.

      They DO make "flat" thin Ethernet cables, but they violate the standard, and you are right back to thinner wire that does not carry as much current, so why bother?

      We don't have ANY need for higher currents in our cab bus, as clearly demonstrated that we have never had to add the 12v dc to any of our panels. (You can plug 12v dc into the back of the panels to add more capacity to run more throttles, or compensate for long distances back to the command station)

      Ahh... but if you read the article, Mark is NOT saying that NCE has moved to RJ-45 connectors completely, the REAR connectors are RJ45, but the cab to panel is RJ12/13.... in the picture.

      And even though Mark wrote this a year ago, these upgraded panels are not available or even mentioned on their site.

      I think this will be for future expansion of another control bus, like the NMRA is trying to figure out. I'm sure NCE is watching and waiting.

      As an aside, it would be great to have the additional control capability, so we could sense train location... then we might avoid collisions at shows, or if short on people, let the trains run themselves.

      Regards, Greg
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