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9616RE: Interesting NCE info

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  • ghoffman92037
    Jan 20, 2014
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      Thing 1 I learned by reading Lindley's post:

      Reading deeper into Mark Gurries' blog, I found that he mentions that NCE has moved to RJ-45 connectors for its cab bus panels. See https://sites.google.com/site/markgurries/home/nce-info/nce-cab-panels/nce-rj45-cab-panels, posted a year ago. 

      This is the same plug used by Ethernet cables, an 8-pin Cat-5 or Cat-6 cable. The rationale for changing to RJ-45 is that these cables are cheap, don't need to be modified, carry more current than phone cables, and phone cables can still be used. NCE plans to double-up the power carrying lines to further extend the distance a cab bus can run.

      This won't affect our show layouts, since we don't get very far from the Command Station with our wiring. But once we start using these new panels, we may want to change to Cat 5/6 cables in the future.

      Stay tuned to Mark Gurries. He's got more info on NCE than the vendor itself.


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